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Tips To Boost Bedroom Confidence

Updated on October 6, 2009

Are you confident in the bedroom? Do you like to show off your body? Or, more to the point, does he like the way your body looks?

Do you love going into lingerie department stores, or do you cringe at the thought of exposing body parts you don't really like, in front of your lover?  Are you shy, or do you lack spunk because your body is aging, or not as perfect as when you were young?

Has your lover given you gifts of sexy lingerie? Did you put it on, but couldn't wait to get it off, or turn out the lights so he couldn't see you?  Many men buy lingerie for their partners because they like the way you look.  But, many times, women are uncomfortable with themselves and keep them hidden in the bottom of the lingerie drawer.  Most likely, you like the teddies, sheer gowns, and baby dolls, but lack confidence in the way you 'think' your body looks.

When a lover gives a gift of lingerie, he's really asking you to wear this kind of apparel because he thinks you're hot.  And, isn't that what we all want?  We want to be desirable in someone's eyes, so why do we so easily reject the idea that we are beautiful just as we are?

Most of us find security in things we believe makes us look attractive, or things we are comfortable wearing.  Choosing to wear non-sexy comfortable clothes, might be a delicious treat after a long day at work, but if you're hoping to catch your lover's eye and attention, you've got to shake things up a bit.

Take a good look at your body.  Probably, there are things you like, and others you'd rather avoid.  If you have great legs, but not so great breasts, then look for lingerie to accentuate your legs.  Or, if you're endowed with full, firm breasts, then by all means go for something that reveals cleavage.

Try to critique your body without criticism.  Don't bash yourself.  Accentuate your good qualities, and don't say you have none – you do!  Maybe tight-fitting, body-hugging garments aren't for you.  Maybe something sheer filmy might suit your style better, especially if you want to camouflage a flaw or two.  Lingerie that glides over your body may be more comfortable, and portrays your body in a sexy way.

It's doubtful that your lover will notice anything more than the sight of sexy you. If a man loves a woman, our perception of flaws are non-existent to them.  He'll be turned on because you're wearing something he wanted to see on you.  His wish will be granted, and you're going to reap the benefits!

If you can't get over feelings of being uncomfortable or embarrassed by putting your body on display, low lighting and candlelight can do wonders.  Not only does candlelight enhance the right things, they set the mood and change attitudes.  Candlelight, music and a bit of wine could melt all those insecurities and re-ignite the flames of passion and sexual abandonment. 

Personally, I say, "go for it!"


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