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Safety Tips for Women: How to Protect Yourself

Updated on May 7, 2019

Women are known to be vulnerable and this is a major factor that contributes to the instances of crime against women.In most cases the culprits who commit the crimes against women are weaker.Knowing some basic safety rules is important especially in this era where the world can be quite a scary place to live in.

  • Importance of knowing this safety rules

Knowing some safety rules can help you keep yourself safe and can help you feel confident when you are out and about be it in the streets,travelling,at home alone or when in danger.They are meant to empower you.

Below are some of the safety rules that you will find in this article.

  1. 8 ways to protect yourself from sexual assault.
  2. 15 ways to protect yourself from domestic violence and abuse in relationships.
  3. 14 safety tips for women living alone.
  4. 14 safety tips for women travelling alone(solo female travellers).
  5. 11 ways to protect yourself from being stalked.

8 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Rape and Sexual Assault

Sexaul assault is on the rise throughout the world and affects millions of people majorly women.
Below are some ways you can reduce the likelihood of being sexually assaulted.

  1. Always trust your gut and instincts.If you feel you are not comfortable with someone or your sorrounding isn't comfortable,just get away from that person or place.Perpetrators normally act in a way that you will feel uncomfortable thats why it's important that you listen and trust your gut.If you are walking and you feel like somebody is intentionally following you,try and get to a safer place for example a nearby shop or mall.
  2. If you are out for a party ,always stay with your friends and let them know when your leaving to go somewhere.
  3. Don't take too much alcohol while at a party
  4. If your going to receive a phone call or visit the rest rooms, don't leave your drink unattended and then come back and drink it.Somebody may put drugs into your drink and end up sexually assaulting you once you get unconscious.
  5. When walking alone, always be aware of your sorrounding.Use your senses of sight and listening.Pay attention to everything that is happening around you ,and don't use earphones while walking.You will most likely get a way out of a bad situation if you know where you are and who is around you.
  6. If you are going out on a date, alert your friends where you are going and if you don't know the person you will be meeting well,don't agree to go to a secluded or private venue.
  7. Be physically resistance such as self defense tactics and use also verbal attacks like yelling,screaming shouting.
  8. Avoid isolated areas because you won't get help in case of anything.

15 Ways to Protect Yourself From Domestic Violence or an Abusive Relationship

  • What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence or abusive behaviour in a relationship/marriage.Domestic violence is not physical violence alone.It can also be verbal ,sexual, emotional or psychological abuse.Most women find it hard to get out of an abusive relationship because the abusers usually use psychological tactics, threats and coercion so that they can make their partners stay.So how do you protect yourself from someone who wants to abuse you physically,emotionally,sexually or verbally?

  • 15 Ways women can protect themselves from domestic violence and abusive relationships
  1. .Be alert for any signs or red flags that show the abuser may be getting upset.
  2. Avoid places where you can be trapped such as the bathroom where it might be hard for you to leave.Avoid the kitchen where the abuser can grab a knife and find a room with doors and windows so that you can leave if the situation gets worse.Identify places in the house that are safe and where you can go the moment you notice your partner's behavior is getting worse
  3. Think of some people who do care about you so that you can contact them immediately.This includes people who are geographically close to you but they are also far enough from the threatening situation, so that they can house you plus your children temporarily, and also store personal items for you.
  4. If you get time with the kids,talk to them about how they can keep themselves safe if the situation worsens.For instance they can call an emergency number or run to a neighbours house.
  5. If the situation is getting worse, don't go where the children are because the abuser might harm them.
  6. Get out of the house if you are in a position to because it could take some time before the police respond to your call. If possible, you can run to a neighbor’s house for safety but make sure you let the police know where you are goingvto be so that the officers can find you.
  7. Call emergency services such as police emergency number.Call the number when you are in a safe place.Tell the officers that you are in danger and need someone to come rescue you at your home or the place you went to for safety.
  8. Have an extra set of house and car keys.
  9. Make sure you turn off GPS/location services on your mobile phone so that the abuser cannot track you down.
  10. Always have a memorized list of emergency contacts.Ask several people you know you can trust if you can contact them incase of danger or need assistance. Also have in memory the phone numbers and addresses of organizations and people who are willing to help you,
  11. Pack an emergency escape bag.The bag should contain things such as clothes, cash, supplies, prescribed medication,copies of important papers ( IDs, birth certificates, passports, etc.) and a list of important contacts.
  12. Open a bank account in your own name so that the abuser doesn't maintain their control financially.
  13. When a man hits you for the first time,don't wait for him to change.In most cases he won't and a majority of physical abusers end up doing more harm like using a knife to cut/chop off some body part or to kill.
  14. Don't wear scarves or jewellery because they might be used by the abuser to strangle you.
  15. Change all your passwords and usernames because your abuser may have installed a keylogger on your laptop/home computer and this would have made him know the passwords for your online accounts.Make sure your Facebook,Instagram and other social media accounts are privatized and the abuser cannot see who you might be with or where you are


  • After you leave seek a personal protection/restraining order from the court which will help protect you and your children from your abuse
  • Stay away from those places your abuser is likely to find you or look for you.

Scared to Live Alone? 14 Safety Tips for Women Living Alone

Living alone can be scary especially for single women living alone for the first time.Some women are generally fearful and feel uneasy about living alone. Below are some safety tips for those who are scared to live alone.

  1. Choose your environment or where you choose to live wisely.Get an apartment in an area that is secure and safe.It would be better that you spend more in transport and housing and you are assured of security, than get a cheaper apartment and end up risking your life.Live in an environment that doesn't have too much history of crime.
  2. Mind your company.Be careful of who you give and trust your information with.Information such as where you live,an area or a neighbourhood,whether you have roommates,whether you have a live in spouse should be shared with extreme caution.Don't invite people until you know them well.
  3. Be cautious of those men you let into your life because most of the problems are brought about by romantic partners or those that are hoping to be one.
  4. Invest in security and surveillance systems such as cameras.Some cameras can focus on both the inside and outside of the house and be viewed on your mobile phone from any location.
  5. Interact with your neighbours and get to know them because they can watch your home when you are away and they can also alert you when strangers are in your home.Don't open the door for strangers not unless you were expecting them.
  6. Avoid meeting people at your home especially people you don't know too well or people you are meeting for the first time.You can meet them in public places such as coffee houses or restaurants.
  7. Don't stay late at night regularly if you are alone.You are likely to meet criminals late at night who might follow you to your home especially if you are driving a car.
  8. Always keep your doors and windows closed.
  9. Invest in good locks and bolts and make it hard for burglars to enter tour home
  10. Keep your window blinds/curtains closed when you are away so people can't see what's inside the house and avoid using curtains that are transparent.You don't want people seeing your expensive household items like that expensive TV screen.
  11. Get a dog.There are dogs that are used for protection.This dogs can help you know when there is someone around because they hear faster than we do.
  12. Don't leave your keys hidden because most criminals know where to find them.
  13. If you are not at home,always live some light somewhere.There are some devices that switch the lights on and off at different times.
  14. Don't put so much information on your social media accounts especially about your whereabouts or when you will be living to visit another town.

As a lady do you sometimes feel unsafe/fearful when living alone?

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13 Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Most women who wish to travel alone are scared of doing so because they are afraid something might happen to them because of hearing many horror stories about rape, kidnap, and about the world in general being a very dangerous place.Even family members and friends end up getting scared and worried when a woman breaks the news that she will be travelling alone.Being a solo female traveller is a wonderful thing and you don't have to be so scared as long as you arm yourself with some few safety rules.Below are some safety rules that will help you keep safe as you travel alone.

  1. Always trust your instincts.
  2. Carry some safety weapons like pepper spray, personal/rape alarm, pen, knife, harp hair clip.
  3. Never fall asleep on public transport.
  4. Keep your money on your body.You dont want money being stolen from your travel bag or your handbag getting snatched and you are left stranded with no money and documents.You can store your money on your body using items such as waist belt, neck wallet, bra wallet or travel scarfs, one of those with hidden zipper pockets to keep money/passport/valuables.
  5. Don’t walk alone after dark down isolated streets. Late in the evenings keep to the main streets and main subwaystops.
  6. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially if one person tries to distract you.
  7. Avoid having eye contact with strangers.
  8. Don't put on expensive jewellery that might make thieves be attracted to you.
  9. Avoid wearing earphones because they will make you less aware of your sorrounding.
  10. Dress appropriately and avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing and which might not be suitable for certain traditions, cultures and places.
  11. Don't let anyone know your travelling alone.
  12. Don't let people know where you are staying.
  13. Carry your handbag on the side of you that's away from the road so it can'snatched by theives on motorbikes.
  14. Ask strangers before taking their picture. Both can be very expensive afterwards and bring you in trouble.

Can you travel alone?

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11 Ways to Protect Yourself From Being Stalked

Stalking is unwanted surveillance or contact that makes one afraid or feel harassed and it can lead to other violent crimes.It is therefore necessary that you take precautions if you feel there is someone stalking you.

  • List of people who stalk and why people stalk others
  1. Love obsession stalkers/The crush.Someone who has a romantic love or interest and is trying to force the love.
  2. Someone who has been rejected in a relationship.An angry romantic partner may begin to stalk the victim if they feel that the love shouldn't have ended.A stalker may stalk his ex ,use threats and imtimidation and may end up using violence.
  3. Intimacy seekers.Someone who hopes to have an intimate or love relationship with the victim who is supposedly their long sought after spouse can begin to stalk the victim.
  4. Someone who is doing background checks for instance an employer.
  5. Someone who is just jealous such as a co worker or an internet troll.They stalk so as to build up a case against you and finally destroy you.
  6. Predatory stalkers who often spy and plan to attack the victim sexually
  7. Friends can stalk each other probably out of curiosity.
  • Signs you are being stalked
  1. Receiving unwanted and repetitive phone calls.
  2. Receiving unwanted emails and messages.
  3. Someone following you.
  4. Someone knowing too much details about you and you did not give them those details.For instance if they know when you last spoke to a friend, they could have interest and coulb be using a spy app or if they know who you met and at what time.
  5. Your online accounts emails,social media accounts being hacked.
  • How to protect yourself from being stalked
  1. Always have your phone with you because your stalker can install spying apps and softwares which will help him access your messages, calls,location,passwords, and listen to all your conversations.
  2. If you believe someone is stalking you,try and be extra observant about your sorrounding.Look out for any strange vehicles at your workplace and neighbourhood.
  3. Save all evidences of stalking such as phone messages,voicemails, letters, emails and all other physical evidences.You will need this evidence in case you want to take legal action.
  4. Don't run erands alone if you don't feel safe.Request a friend to take you to the grocery or wherever you need to go but feel unsafe.
  5. Ask someone to stay with you if you feel unsafe at home.
  6. Have a different routine from the normal one.This will make it more difficult for your stalker to get you.
  7. Inform your family and friends that there is someone stalking you so that if anything might happen they can report to the authorities and they will know where to look.
  8. Contact the police if you feel you are in danger.The police will help you through filing charges and help you get a protection order.
  9. Avoid being in contact with your stalker because they will think you are validating what they are doing.If they are stalking you online,don't reply to messages even when you feel angry.Just preserve the messages as evidence.
  10. Avoid putting your personal information such as workplace location , phone number and home address so as to avoid giving the stalker an opportunity to meet you in person.If you already have the information online, remove it as soon as you can.
  11. Be careful with your passwords.Don't use passwords and security questions that the stalker can guess easily.It is recommended that you change your password once a year or more frequently especially if you have just separated with your partner.

Has an ex spouse ever stalked you?

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