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Senior Singles Cruises and Dating

Updated on June 28, 2012

Singles cruises are a fantastic way to get a holiday in whilst giving yourself the chance to meet a potential someone special. If you’re over the age of 55, however, a typical singles cruise may not appeal to you, as they tend to be comprised of singles in their 30s and 40s. If you’re a senior citizen looking for a romantic singles cruise, a senior singles cruise is the way to go. You can find singles cruises starting from age 45 and older, or you can find them starting at 55 and older. Either way, you’re sure to meet people in the age group you desire, and all of them will be single, just like you.

Some people have the impression that cruises are action packed activities, with staff constantly encouraging you to do this or that. No, that’s not how it works. Your money, your cruise, your time to do with as you please, and a senior singles cruise can be as fast or slow paced as you like. Whether lounging poolside, learning new dance steps with an instructor, or mixing with other singles with the pastime of your choice, a cruise will allow you to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to fun and relaxation. And, depending on how long your cruise will be, there may be several exciting port destinations which will provide yet another exciting opportunity to meet and fall in love with someone.

Medical care is an obvious necessity when it comes to specialized senior cruises, and if you choose such a cruise, your ship should be able to cater to the needs of you and your fellow passengers, provided the care is of a non-emergency nature. Physicians will be in residence, but do be aware that there is often a fee for their services, which will be charged to your room.

Obviously, if someone’s got a serious condition that can’t be treated in the basic medical environment the ship provides, a cruise is not going to be in one’s best interest. But if you’ve got a condition that’s under control, a short cruise may be perfectly ok – just be sure to consult with your own doctor before signing up. That said, you can often find senior cruises which accommodate those who need dialysis and other provisions, so don’t rule a senior cruise out until you’ve also spoken with the cruise company; they’ll be able to verify their services and confirm what, if any, fee may apply for such services. Senior cruises also cater to seniors in ways that traditional cruises don’t: Rooms are automatically equipped with conveniences like shower seats, special toilet seats, and special accommodation for those using wheelchairs.

In other words, senior citizen singles cruises are designed to meet the most common needs of seniors, thereby providing you with an excellent opportunity to partake in the cruise of your dreams at an affordable price. There are several companies who specialize in senior cruises, and they offer senior singles cruises all over the world. Also, note that if you're nervous about cruising alone, you can always take your best friend along to bunk with you. And remember, even if you don't meet that special someone whilst cruising, you will still have the time of your life.


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