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The Real Truth Behind Jokes and Joking Around

Updated on February 12, 2014

Laughter And Joking "With" Others Is A Bonding Experience...

A good joke where everyone laughs together, can actually create a positive memory for everyone!
A good joke where everyone laughs together, can actually create a positive memory for everyone!

Was That Really Supposed To Be A Joke?

Why some people don’t seem to be able to take a joke? The serious side of Joking around. Doesn't everyone loves a good joke or prank?

In my opinion a good joke or prank depends on a few things.

  • Who is telling the joke or pulling the prank?
  • Where is the joke being told?
  • What is the intent of the joke?

Am I suggesting that to ‘tell’ a joke, has a motive? Absolutely. What kinds of jokes do we tell?

  • Joke about subjective things, that make everyone laugh.
  • Jokes about ourselves.
  • Jokes about other people.

Lets keep this simple. This should narrow down the basic element about jokes and the telling of Jokes. Are you surprised to find out that jokes have purpose? Well, they do.

A few in the crowd have figured out the secret about jokes and their hidden purposes -- and they have been quite successful in their lives and how they use jokes and pranks to navigate their world.

Have You Noticed That Not Everyone In The Room Always Laughs?

I think we need to accept the FACT, that not everybody likes a joke and should NOT therefore feel uncomfortable with the joke or prank.  Most that don’t like the joke and find no humor in them... are most likely those that are the ‘brunt’ of the jester. Somehow, this is not funny and when everyone in the room is not laughing together - something is not right.

Some jokes are not funny... even though they are supposed to be. Let me explain... Have you ever known someone, who in the name of just “joking around’, has a way of making others in the room feel bad... as they sit there laughing and excusing themselves -- in the name of the FUN?

Interesting phenomenon this is, and that you might notice the next time this happens it happens... Watch how everyone else in the room also laughs with the perpetrator? Why? Because... jokes are supposed to be FUNNY! In order to be part of the laugh... we are obliged to join in the laughter. After all, jokes are funny.

Everybody Loves A Clown... Right?

But, what if the joke is not funny?
But, what if the joke is not funny?

Why Some People Just Can't Seem To Take A Joke...

Problem is... what if it is not funny to even ONE person in the room? But hey - everyone is laughing because of how it was said. But what was actually being said disguised as a joke is not always funny - when subversively - it was more than likely using another person - to bounce the ball off of to get the laugh.

Do you recognize this scenario? Because some people do see this, especially IF you happen to be the one that the “ball” has just hit and bounced off!

“They just don’t know how to take a joke! Ignore them. They have no sense of humor".

The next time you meet up with a clown, who just happens to be a “bully” in the name of a “joke”. Please don’t let them off the hook.

This is the serious side of joking around, that must not be allowed to be passed off as okay. It is called sarcasm by some - and of course always served - tongue and cheek.

This type of passive aggressive behavior is absolutely no joke. It is wrong and abusive and too often in our society found tolerable.

I love a great laugh as much as the next person.  When was the last time that you had one of those truly aching belly laughs - the kind that made you cry.... and even had your sides and stomach hurting? Oh, it felt so good. You were exhausted, but in such a good way - when you finally calmed down and dried your tears.  That's was great therapy! 

Most often, when we experience the positive side of joking around - it is with others and about something that we can all relate to - together! Nothing like laughing at ourselves... together - with everyone else.

Lets not abuse any longer - other human-beings, in the name of a joke.

Because that is just not funny!


The Joke Is Always More Funny - When We Laugh At Ourselves First...

No joking... I really would like to know what your experience has been with this kind of joking around?

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    • Write On! profile image

      Write On! 10 years ago from United States

      And Doctors too... LOL

      What we all need to determine, is whether "we" who did not make the joke - are really willing to just stand-by and "laugh" too.


    • Raven King profile image

      Raven King 10 years ago from Cabin Fever

      Clowns have always had a dark side. Now that we live in a politically correct society jokes have to be tailor made. Good food for thought.