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Settle Baby, You Are Not The Sun.

Updated on October 30, 2009




Settle baby
you are not the sun,
although I would love
to rise with you daily,
and grace my nights with

your descending warmth.

You are more
like the moon,
when the white orbs
of your eyes ascend
to gaze on me and
pull my lips like the tides,
to the silky curl

of your kisses.

Nothing mars

my vision of you,
the Goddess Venus
pales in comparison,
as Mercury in

my blood rises
to a bursting point,
and the very Earth
beneath my feet
quivers at your touch.

So settle baby,

close to me
in the long

shadows cast
when the sun

chases horizons,
for you are much
hotter then any star,
let me bask

in your warmth
as a fingernail moon
grips the emptiness above,
let me delight in

your fullness below.


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