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Seven Signs That Your Relationship Has Turned Toxic

Updated on October 19, 2019

A Toxic Relationship vs A Toxic Partner

Seven Signs Your Relationship Has Turned Toxic

A relationship can turn sour from a number of reasons. Even healthy well-adjusted adults can sometimes find themselves in a relationship that isn’t healthy anymore. Once a relationship has turned toxic it can be extremely difficult to get it back on track. Unfortunately, not all problems are reconcilable and if your partner is causing the toxicity in the relationship it may be in your best interest to walk away. A toxic partner may inflict more damage on the other party than a toxic relationship. Once a partner stops respecting you there is almost never a way to get it back. It is also not your job to teach someone how to respect and treat you. I would even go so far as to say that anyone who is disrespectful towards you in a relationship should honestly not be in one at all. However, it’s always up to the persons involved to decide how much they are willing to put up with. There are definitely cases where there is a level of toxicness on both sides which is indicative of a toxic relationship and not just one sole toxic partner. This article is to help you recognize the signs of a toxic relationship. Here are the Seven Signs That Your Relationship Has Turned Toxic.

The Seven Signs That Your Relationship Has Turned Toxic

1.) You Find Yourself Fantasizing About Being With Someone Else. Everyone has those instances where we might entertain the thought of being with someone else for a moment. We might even flirt with a coworker or a stranger for a minute or two. But if you find yourself constantly thinking about what it would be like to be with someone else real or fictional it may be a sign you are looking for an escape. If you fantasize about being with someone that treats you better and is more supportive than your partner that is more cause for concern than the more common and primal fleeting moment of sexual fantasy. You should not have to visit a fantasy to have a partner that is loving and supportive of you.

2.) You Find Yourself Making All The Sacrifices. The age old saying that a relationship is a two way street rings true here. A person being physically present in the relationship is not enough. If you find yourself compromising every single detail of your life for a person who would never do the same to you it may be time for them to hit the road. A relationship is supposed to be balanced with partners sacrificing equally for one another. A compromise is supposed to be like a trade off so that neither parties really mind sacrificing because they are both getting something in return from their partner.

3.)They Start To Attack You For No Reason. This is one of the most obvious signs of a toxic partner. If they start attacking you verbally without the slightest provocation from you then this is a sign of blatant disrespect. If they start to do this run. If they begin to pick fights with you daily and don’t seem to have any regard for your feelings, it's a sign that they are not emotionally invested in you or the relationship anymore. While it is NEVER acceptable for a grown adult to verbally abuse another it happens all to frequently in relationships. If you are experiencing these verbal attacks I would strongly advise you to respect yourself enough to leave the relationship.

4.) The Deep Rooted Problems Are Still There. If the fights always seem to be about the same problems it may be a sign that these problems are not fixable. When the fights always swarm around the same issues and no action is ever taken by the person to resolve them it may be a sign that they simply do not care that the issue bothers you.

5.) They Aren’t Putting In Any Effort. Like we stated before, it is not enough to simply be physically present in the relationship. When you decide to be in a relationship you are agreeing to be that person’s partner. You are their emotional support system, their lover and bestfriend. While everyone at times becomes lazy in a relationship, a person should not continuously fail to be the support that you need. Love is not something that just occurs on it’s own. It is a conscious decision to love that person every day and give them what they need. A person who fails to meet your needs and doesn’t provide support is unworthy of your love.

6.) Their Family Doesn’t Support The Relationship. Sometimes is a relationship it is not only a person who is toxic but their family as well. You may be a good person and a great partner but that won’t stop a toxic family from ganging up on you, Especially if they have the “No one is good enough for my kid” mantra. In case it might not be worth it to fight for a toxic partner who also has a toxic family to defend their bad behavior.

7.) They Don’t Involve You In Any Important Decisions. Relationships are commitments. If your partner is not involving you in any of the important decision making it may be because they do not see a future with you. Actions will always speak louder than words and if a partner claims that they are serious about you but behaves in contrast of that I would take their claims with a grain of salt. The point of a relationship is to build a future and a life with someone. They should value your input if they truly want a future with you in it.

Toxicity in Relationships

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