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Sex on the Internet .com

Updated on December 23, 2011

don't get taken in

Things you may not know about the promise of sex sites

Have ever been on line to find that free hook-up, sex with no strings or casual encounter? If you have, you probably know all too well the secrets that I am about to reveal. For those of you who have never done such a thing, but have thought about it, in a moment I will reveal some cold hard truths on the subject.

After a few days of research on the subject, I found some interesting facts. Though, this article is not designed to promote infidelity or promiscuous sex; it offers some insight to what you will find.

If you are woman reading this, you don't have to look too hard to find a man willing to have sex with you. Just place an ad in any of the free listing services and get bombarded. Seriously, for every woman on line there are just about four hundred men out there. Don't believe me? Do this little experiment, go on craigslist personals and place an ad for casual meetings or adult fun. If your mailbox doesn't fill up within two hours of your post, you either posted it on the wrong page or said something really stupid, like I'm a cop, call me.

If you’re a man, listen up! Here's the real deal. There is no such thing as free hookup sites for men. The creators of these sites know that men can be creatures of desperation brought about by the feeling that they are missing something. They offer the proverbial carrot on the stick; they show you pictures of women that are presumably from your area. They say, sign in for free to check out women in your area, that part is true, and you can sign up for free. Here is the catch though; you can't contact any of these so called local girls without paying a registration fee. Most of the pictures that you see of the women that they may use to entice you to sign up maybe professional models, women who work for the company or picture of women who had use this service in the past.

More often than not, they will try to get your credit card number by offering a short trial period for as little as a dollar or two. But, read the fine print, if you don't cancel by a certain time and method you be billed at their monthly rate. These charges can add up pretty quickly and often continues for months even if you don’t make a single connection from their site. Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time getting stopped.

The other thing that happens is, that most of the time the girls that they show you, to lead you in, are not really in your local area. They may be a hundred miles away if not further. Also, they use pictures posted over the years to show that they are a lot women out in your area. In reality, some of them may have not been on the site in months or even years. This is all designed to entice you right out of your credit card number. You many receive many messages in your mailbox once you get your free account from women wanting you to talk to them. These are mostly just scam mails designed to get you to give your credit card number so you can reply. Once they have your number, the emails will go away and the one that wanted to talk to you so badly, will somehow disappear and never be heard from again. Matter of fact, a lot of different sites use the same women over and over again because they seem to have a look or sex appeal that make men willing to give up information over and over again.

Now, don't get me wrong. If you are willing to pay for these sites you may get lucky and find what you are looking for, maybe or maybe not. More than likely you are not going to find the model you seen trying to get you to sign up. You have to realize that women that attractive are not going to use a site like this to get laid, if you think that they will, you deserve to be scammed from your money. You might find an attractive average person, but you need to be careful though, as with anything, discretion is advised. If these women or men are willing to meet you that may mean that they have probably met a lot of others before you, always use protection, women and men always insist that a condom is used. A one night stand ain’t worth what you may bring home with you, or something that won't wash off.

Women and men who use these sites can have good experiences, if they play the game right. Don't set your expectations to high on the quality of the people you are going to meet. The people using these sites know, sometimes you get more than what you ask for, there can be some real freaks out there and there are some genuine nice people, you just don't know. Never meet someone you don't know alone the first time. Meet in a public place that you can feel mutually safe. Never over look the small lies, if the picture on line doesn't match the person you meet be careful, if they will lie about that, surely they will lie about other things. Things like are they married or other things, a jealous spouse that could mean a lot of trouble if they find out. Not mention the fact that there are some pretty terrible people out there that are looking for a way to take advantage of you.

Men, women will post pictures of other women to entice you to meet them; this would go double for the men. So, once you find someone you are interested in ask for current picture by email. This way when you get it, if it not what you thought it would be, at least you will have a contact address for future reference. If needed. If when you go out to meet someone and you don’t feel fairly comfortable right away, it is best to leave it alone. Don’t let your hormones over ride your gut feeling, the results may not end up well.

One more thing, there is a lot women online who will use these services as way to promote themselves for pay to play. In other words, they will meet you, but it's going to cost. If your going to pay for a prostitute they are better and cheaper ways to do it. Just saying.

I hope this gives you a little insight to this subject, so take care and good luck and most of all be careful out there.


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    • Jaynie2000 profile image

      Jaynie2000 7 years ago

      It is far easier to pretend to be something you're not when you're hooking up online. But once you try to move that "relationship" to real life, it's not that easy. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. I'm really sorry to hear about the bad experiences, especially the HIV. No one deserves that.

      If you're married and looking for an extra marital tryst, I suppose these types of outcomes are the price you pay, though it is still unfortunate. There are so many reasons, not all bad, why even married people look for additional companionship or intimacy and unless you've been there, you really can't judge. But I still think it's safer to engage in such relationships the old fashioned way. It's not that immediate or certain, but like anything else, if it's meant to be, it will be.

    • profile image

      toolatelola 7 years ago

      I had a lot of really good experiences with online hook ups. Until I tested positive for hiv. I got it from a very sexy young charming man i met on CL. Be smart and use a condom!!!

    • profile image

      JustARegularGuy 7 years ago

      I think your article was right on. However, I have met people on the internet, set the bounderies up front, and i actually had some decent relationships come out of it. The key is to set the tone up front of what you are looking for... and feel them out on the phone first. If something sounds suspicious, it usually is... then you stop communicating right then and there... but if they really sound genuine, then its worthwhile to give it a try.

      There are good people out there, you just have to weed out the bad ones but doing your homework and taking time to get to know them before jumping into bed with them.

    • profile image

      RexRedbone 7 years ago

      Date Match com Amature Match com both sites great nude photos sometime bitchie Cam Models.

      These rip offs the girls would contact then 5 to 6 emails and get the I am not ready to meet you yet after this went on with the 6th time.So your not willing to meet for coffee but your asking me to rate you in some sleazy outfit or looking for a fuck buddy but your just ready to meet me just yet!

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      Incorrect .. I actually met a lady 22 years my junior and we have been together for 8 months ... it was unplanned, it was a fluke, but it happened, of all places on Craigslist

      It does happen .. just not often ..