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Sexual Vampires - Beware of Energy Vampires

Updated on January 30, 2019
Joseph Leal profile image

I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation

There is a sickness in this world. There are a lot of people in this world that do not realize the affects of their energy and their actions. By no means will I every call someone a vampire. But there are parasitic environments. What happens when the elephant friends the tick? What happens when giving someone our best begins to backfire? We have to learn to let things die. People are unconsciously trying to hit rock bottom. They want to fall apart. This is necessary for some people. This is growth to be had at a certain stage for some individuals. If we try to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved, this is morally wrong. We will suffer. When anyone keeps something artificial or dead long after it was suppose to be rid of. Bad things happen. Relationships, jobs, and behaviors will affect our mental and physical health. I have seen people get sick holding on to a relationship that should have ended long ago. I have felt like ripping my hair out trying to help people I love. Never will I again. Never force people to understand you even if you are looking out for a loved ones best intention. Save those who need help. Let those die who need too.

Sex is the sacred fountain of life. Meanwhile… human’s in today’s society are profanely embracing the powerful exchange putting their animalistic needs first. Treating sex like how our fellow dog does, quick hard pumps for a couple minutes; then finish… this is the way of the world currently. This sex immediately becomes an almost unbreakable habit. Sex then becomes a routine karmic well of death by way of ignorance. A lifetime of ignorance, is due to lack of awareness of our own individual shadow. The majority of men and women live a life based off materialism and superficiality. Even with knowledge and awareness about spirituality and esoteric topics, we are still majorly controlled by our animal selves. Our shadow is either not integrated properly, or its suppressed, or we become possessed by it. When you have sex with another, the other person’s energy becomes one with yours. They give you energy you lack and vice versa. This energy can cause different behaviors in different people. And if their shadow is scattered, (mixed with too much energy and unrecognized) it is gonna take some serious soul work and strength to not be pulled in by this energy. This causes extreme attachment, insecurity, paranoia, fear, and many other behaviors. You will think this is love! To release the astral connection from your astral body it will take working with and understanding the energy. This is difficult but possible for the initiate. OAK will help you with the process. If you can not seem to release another person with all your might, be sure to find out the body count of the partner you wish to do so. Avoid falling back into their arms at all costs especially if you are not happy. Others unconscious energy will make you act crazy. All of the unknown forces of the scattered soul, are like vampires feeding on your energy (life force). This force now requires an open perception to become free and untangled from this energy. This can take either days, weeks, months, or even years for certain individuals. Scars happen. The more innocent or unaware you are, the longer and harder it will take.

The hyper sexual partner will continue to pray off of the innocent seeking opposite energy to pass on the demons to another unconsciously, and to avoid having to face the mental and emotional pain. Tag you’re it. Their shadow becomes their possession. We all know that one girl who twerks, drinks, and loves sex. She is always also fighting her boyfriend. She blames him for the fighting. Truly the man is just fighting himself while trying to love her. So he goes crazy. They want a distraction, but don’t mean harm at all. If you immediately mix or have multiple sexual relationships, you are creating a stir of energy that will ultimately confuse you and make you mad. Oversexed individuals become dark souls, and will end up creating fermented cages in their mind. They block out the left part of their brain responsible for feeling, due to excess emotional burden. So they pursue the pleasures of the shadow that life offers. They create mind traps in their own mind, and seek only what keeps them leveled and centered. Sex with a dark soul will imprint your soul and will never leave you. But if you gain awareness, you will gain large insight about yourself. Hyper-sexed individuals will develop mental issues through prolong duration of anxiety and stress originating from foreign energy. Their personality becomes aloof, detached, weird, and will ultimately suffer a premature death without fulfilling or coming close to the original path of their soul. Understanding and working with the shadow is the only chance we got at manifesting the life we want. Even these sexual vampires can help you. Just know when to let them die. Learn when to leave.

Parasitic environment
Parasitic environment


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