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Shades of love

Updated on December 22, 2013

Love is deep like the ocean and just as encompassing.

The heart is a deep dark unfathomable place. The heart has lots of twists and turns. It holds lots of secrets. There are always places you shouldn't tread, and doors that should be left closed, forever sealed. Do you know what you really want?

As a child you are taught to see the world in black and white, wrong and right. Children have a hard time grasping the complex ideas associated with shades of grey. The hard thing about the world is nothing is ever as straight forward as black and white. The world is full of colors and every concept has shades of grey.

Love is one of the most complex ideas of all. Love has many forms and lots of different shades. You love your parents which is completely different from the love you have when you actually become a parent. There is lust, attraction, possession, affection and infatuation. None of those are exactly love but all are often mistaken for it. There is love and then there is being in love. Do you even know the difference? Does anyone know? Is it even a question that can be answered? When you truly open your heart to love there are so many possibilities. It fills you up and grows exponentially. When you love you see people only in light.

There may come a time when you can't classify what you feel. When you can't weigh it or measure it. When your feelings are so mixed up that nothing makes sense. Always remember that love is a gift no matter what form it comes in. Whether you act on it or let it go always embrace it!


Simply Love

What painful ecstasy!

Searing that sets your heart free.

Tears fall with their own will.

Your mind just won't be still.

What to do when they slip away.

And you're unwilling to face the day.

Don't let anyone drag you down.

Someone like that isn't worth your frown.

Smile bright and look on ahead.

Look to love with joy not dread.


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