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Share 2012 Vow Renewal with Max and Fay Havlick, Weekend of July 6-9

Updated on July 6, 2012

Max and Fay Havlick invite you and all our other friends, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, to share with them the 2nd annual Vow Renewal Ceremony starting Friday, July 6, 2012, the day of their 26th wedding anniversary, and extending through the weekend (incl. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday July 9) to accommodate all styles of life and points of view.

If you live in the Chicago area, you may join Max and Fay personally on Friday afternoon or early evening (June 6 anytime at your convenience between 2 to 7 p.m.) at the air-conditioned Old Country Buffet in Bloomingdale (DuPage County, western suburbs), inside the Stratford Promenade Shopping Center, 154 S. Gary Ave. (SW corner of Gary and Schick Road). For more directions, you may phone the OC Buffet at 630-529-5056.

You may also share this ceremony in the privacy of your own home or favorite eating place in company with your own solemnly avowed companion or family member (whether they are still physically present with you or not), with or without the company of your other friends and neighbors, and with or without the help of any official person present.

Just as true love sets you free, you can write out your own vows, or speak them spontaneously as you feel them. The varieties possible for this Vow Renewal Ceremony are as endless as the varieties of human love and companionship.

Max and Fay created this weekend ceremony for everyone. It does not require you to get anyone else's permission or approval. It is not pretentious, not for any one social-economic class, point of view, or style of life. Time for it extends at anyone's convenience throughout the vow ceremony weekend (Friday through Monday after July 4), and its space extends throughout the world. As Max described it in his inaugural poem:

A yearly celebration makes a possibility a plausibility
for any couple, once committed to the freedom found in long-term love,
to join along with friends and others in their own community
and speak a vow renewal in a church, a home, or any dedicated space.

What Fay and I discovered, sailing through the air, we want to share
with every other loving pair of people living anywhere.

While established institutions have been asked to sponsor such a ceremony for people in their own communities, we cannot wait for them to "see the light" and do their part. They have their own traditional programs to promote, their own agendas. Dedicated individuals must take the lead in helping us establish this useful new ceremony as an annual custom, trans-cultural, trans-national, etc., etc.

Max and Fay would be most happy to receive your comments and suggestions, but especially honored by us would be your note about your actual use of the Vow Renewal Ceremony in your own life. Let us hear from you.

See Max's free 2012 HubPages article, "Invitation to Share Sacred Vow Renewal, July 6th, Every Year," and his essay about that first-year ceremony, "Wedding Vow Renewal July 6th in Villa Park: Max and Fay Agree to 25 More Years" (July 2011) and the priceless comment of Northweststarr.

For more background, you may check out Max's poems and essays on HubPages (without charge).

Or you may enjoy reading his latest work American Sonnets and Other Poems, in a Workshop Setting for New Writers. Twenty-five New Poems and Twelve Workshop Essays Written between April 2011 and April 2012; with an Author's Preface Asking the Question, "Why Do Writers Write What They Do?" (ed. July 2012), You may order a personalized proto-copy from the author, or from The Max Havlick School, or from New World Community Enterprises, Villa Park, Illinois 60181-1938. Privately printed 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" booklet, 56 pages + viii; $25 postpaid.


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