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Short Term Goals (and Long Term too!) for Newly Weds

Updated on December 21, 2012

Just Got Married!!

The picture above is taken during our wedding day. Yeah, that is my husband and I. After 8 years of being in a relationship, we have finally made our vows. We got married last October 22, 2012 (so we've been married for almost 2 months as of this writing).

Being married is a different thing from being together as boyfriend-girlfriend. Together, we have set our goals as newlyweds and we are currently doing our part to attain those goals in life.

Our Goals as Newly Weds

  • Help our parents in every way that we can. We still do not forgot our responsibilities as a son and daughter to our parents. Even though we are married, we are making sure that we are helping our parents financially, physically, emotionally, or in any way that we can. Our roles as our parents' children do not stop when I carry my husband's surname. As of now, our priority is to make our parents feel that we do not forget them, that we are still their children, and that we will never stop helping them.
  • Save for the future. Everytime that we receive our salary, we make sure that we have our own savings. Everything is in control. We do the budgeting every month and we make sure that all the bills are paid, we have money for extra expenses, and we have money to keep for the future.
  • Family Planning. Not everybody is getting married because they already have kids. In our case, we do not have a child yet and we still have no plans on making one. We are not using condoms or pills though. Instead, calendar method is good enough. It is not 100% reliable but its okay because we are married. If the baby comes unexpectedly, then she is considered as a real blessing (yeah, I am assuming that we will have a baby GIRL first!).
  • Investments. This is a part of our long term goal because we know that it is hard to get a good investment especially for us who are just starting out. Our plans include investing for a house and lot, apartment, and small business. Finances, knowledge, and good resources are still needed so we are still planning it out.

Those are the only goals listed as of now. I will continuously update this hub whenever we have another goal in life. Enjoying our time together as a newly wedded couple is what we are doing right now and for a couple of months (I guess!).


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    • maryshayne profile image

      Mary Shayne Sanchez-Solomon 5 years ago from Blue Island, Illinois USA

      Thank you.. I will keep that in mind.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 5 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Congratulations! Remember that there will always be new things to discuss and set goals for. As you save for a home, raise children, and go forward with your careers, always remember that staying together is a choice that you make consciously. It doesn't just happen because you are married! Best wishes!

    • maryshayne profile image

      Mary Shayne Sanchez-Solomon 5 years ago from Blue Island, Illinois USA

      The long courtship that we had is the main reason why we are so comfortable with one another. We can share our opinions and we can decide fairly well. Being friends and lovers at the same time is very convenient especially with the goal setting. :)

    • HoneyBB profile image

      Helen Laxner 5 years ago from Illinois

      You and your husband had a nice long courtship which helps build a strong friendship and marriage. The goals you have already set for yourselves are amazing. It's wonderful that you make your parents a priority in your planning. This is useful information for people considering marriage and wanting to get ideas of what they should shoot for. Thanks for sharing.