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Signs That Will Let You Know It’s Actually Over

Updated on June 10, 2017
deepikaa sharma profile image

Hi, I am Deepika a travel freak, a foodie and more than that a love admirer. Hailing from Delhi, I always love to share my thoughts with all

Relationship is a two-way traffic. What goes around comes around and definitely, it is true. When you are dedicated for a person, he or she is the whole world for you. Devoting every precious second for the one whom you admire the most, is nothing less than a fantasy. But, everything seems faded when the fantasy is diverted to pain. The moment that sometimes bought happiness, is bringing so much of pain. Cheating is awful part of a relationship and what is even worse than it is, ignoring the signs of cheating. Yes, you don’t need a sixth sense to sense the suspicion in relationship; there are few things that you will encounter in relationship, which will show you the signs that something is actually not right. Here are six such things that will help you to come out of a bad relationship before it hurts you harder.


If you want to smell a bad relationship then sense it from the most important thing and it is, ignorance. When you find that your partner is not giving adequate attention to you, which he or she used to give earlier then it suggests that there is already someone in between you two. Now, he or she has someone who is more important than you and this is a reason why you are getting ignored.

Arguments with No Reason

If a person wants to come out of a relationship then he or she will take it to the worst level. Fighting for no reasons, complaints for everything, arguments for every single thing, these are few of the signs that justifies that you are no more needed in his or her life.

Continuously Busy On Phone

Phone has brought the hearts closer because those late night talks were truly a fantasy. But, the same phone that brought you and your partner closer can give you a sign that you are no longer there in their life. Well, if you find your partner continuously busy on phone calls or chats then this signifies that he or she is looking for someone in and around.

Changing Passwords and Keeping it Secret

Her password was your name and now you are unable to log in from that same password. Well, it is because she changed it. In love and a relation full of fantasies partner do share their password but a secret change in password without intimating you signifies that he or she now don’t want you to peep into their life anymore. So, it’s better to walk.

Putting More Attention towards Self-Grooming

Earlier, she was not much frequent to parlors and now she is putting every bit of her to look gorgeous. Well, if you think that it is okay then it is not. A person put more attention towards self-grooming when he or she wants to impress someone by that. If it is for you then it could have been earlier as well, why now? Be smart to judge this.

Giving Unnecessary Excuses

Why your phone was busy? Well, it was not busy, but network failure. If you are also getting such kind of irrelevant excuses for everything then it is suspicious. In case you find your partner explaining situations more than required or making stories every time for everything then you should better beware.

Through this article, I am not telling you to suspect your partner unnecessary because you find few of the signs mentioned above matching with your relationship as well, this can be a coincidence too. Like, she has changed her password because she noticed some suspicious activity in her account. So, don’t just blindly jump into conclusion to end up the relationship, dig into the things to find the reality. Discussing with your partner about this is great idea to clear confusions and doubts and if there is a need to break up then just go for it. Holding a bad relation is just like holding a burning charcoal that will ultimately hurt your hands.

© 2017 Deepika Sharma


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    • deepikaa sharma profile image

      Deepika Sharma 10 months ago from Delhi

      Being positive towards everything you see is what changes the goal of relationship. If your partner is cheating on you, take it positive as you will be saved from something bad in future. walk away if things are not appropriate.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 10 months ago

      The bottom line is "changes" raise suspicions!

      Ultimately one must decide if cheating is a "deal breaker".

      Lots of people will say it is but when they're faced with it many of them choose to stay and give their mate a "second chance".

      Apparently there's a difference between life & the hypothetical!

      Each of us gets to have our boundaries and "deal breakers".

      Therefore "these signs" don't necessarily mean it's over.

      Personally the minute I no longer trust someone it's over.

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself.

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

      If someone cheats on you they're saying (just being with you) isn't enough to make them happy. You can accept it or move on.

      One man's opinion! :)