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Signs That Your Man Is Lying

Updated on August 7, 2012

I was once told, "The truth rings a bell", how I wish it were that simple. Where is this apparitional bell when you need it? They also say a woman's intuition is always right. Although I find that more often than not, our imaginations can get the best of us. Scientists like Dr. Cal Lightman have studied micro-expressions and body language for decades, allowing us the information we need to be aware of when our men are lying to us.

Eye Contact

Some people will avoid eye contact, while others will force eye contact. Avoiding eye contact is a sign of shame, or intense thought. Forced eye contact is more common when a person is waiting for a reaction or trying to be deceitful.


Timing between reactions and gestures are slightly delayed. When you are shocked, your reaction is immediate. You facial expressions change instantly, your muscles react without processing thought. Think about a time that a family member gave you a hideous sweater as a gift. "Oh its beautiful!", you reply, as you force a toothy grin.

The Barrier

Someone who is lying will often subconsciously place objects between their questioner/accuser and themselves. A chair, a book, whatever it may be, they are creating a barrier for comfort.

Eye Movement

When a person looks up and to the left, they are accessing the part of the brain that creates visually constructed images. If you ask someone to imagine a green unicorn, they are using visual construction.

A typical left-handed person would have the opposite meanings for their eye-directions.


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