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Signs Your Best Guy Friend is Perfect for You

Updated on May 21, 2015

In some movies and tv shows guys and girls who have been friends for years suddenly get together. That could happen in real life. How do you know your best guy friend is perfect for you?

1) He is by your side when you are going through a bad time. When you went through a bad break up or something tough he listens to you. He tries to make you feel better and the next time he sees you he asks you how your feeling.

2) He supports your dreams and goals. He never tells you that you cannot have what you want. He believes in you even when you do not believe in yourself.

3) You feel that you could tell him everything and anything. You have known him for years so it is really easy for you to be yourself around him. It's a great feeling when someone makes you feel that way.

4) He is honest. He does not lie. You can trust his word. You know in your heart that no matter what he says he is telling the truth.

5) He is family oriented. A guy who is family oriented at a young age is good. You know that they will be there for you down to road and make a good husband and a father to your kids. Most young guys are at bars than with their younger cousins. So if you have a good friend who cares for you and loves family go for it.

6) He pays attention to you no matter who is around. He will introduce you to his friends or the people that he is around. He will speak to you even when he is around other people. He may even tell the other person he is on the phone with to hold on so he could speak to you.

7) He listens to every word you say. Guys have a bad memory so if he brings up things that you have said in previous conversations you know that he is listenting. A good listener is a must in a boyfriend.

8) He cares about your day. He wants to know how work is and he makes you feel important. No matter what went on in your life that day he wants to be a part of it.

9) He takes an interest in your interest. Most guys do not care about your dance show or a chick flick you saw. If he asks you questions about something that is important to you he cares a lot about you.

10) You know you could trust him. If he said he stayed home and played video games, you could believe him. You have known him for years that you know what type of guy you are dealing with. If he goes out with his friends one night, you know his having a guy's night out because you trust him and the feelings he has for you. You know deep down in your heart that he would never do anything to hurt you.

11) Your family and friends approve of him. Sometimes when you are in a relationship you are blind to see red flags. So if other people could see all the wonderful things about this guy that you do, than you know you found a keeper.

12) Everyday you know him you find out more wonderful things about him. Usually after three months a person's true colors come out. If it is years and he is still a great guy than maybe you want to take this friendship to the next level.

13) He hates seeing you cry. He wants you to be happy and cares a lot about your feelings.

14) He is protective of you. He worries about you and does not want anyone to hurt you.

It is great when two people could go from friends to lovers. The trust is there and you could be yourself around each other. You know you could be yourself and the other person will still love you. It's great to have a boyfriend who is your best friend.

If you have a guy friend who does any of these things than think of taking things up a notch. Do not put a limit on things. You never know where things can lead with friends. Sometimes the right guy has been in your life all along you just never knew it before.

Do you have a guy friend that you really want to date?

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