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Common Signs that Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

Updated on March 26, 2015

If your gut tells you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, trust it. This is the first sign he is cheating on you. Dr. Tammy Nelson, PhD; the author of "The New Monogamy" says in her book "Your intuition is the first sign that your partner is cheating on you". Ensure that you listen to your gut / intuition when it comes to relationship matters because it may just be steering you to the right direction. However, understand that your gut cannot be 100% reliable. Nealson adds, "You can confuse fear with insecurities for your intuition" and sometimes you cannot be sure of what you are currently feeling if it's leading to many confusions. To know more and clarify if you boyfriend is cheating on you or not here are some signs exposing a cheating boyfriend so you can be sure of your claims.

Common Sign that your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

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1. Has Your sex life drastically Changed?

Change(s) in the current sex life you are having is one sign to watch out for. If his sex drive drastically drops this might be due to the fact that he is getting the "same" from somewhere else. If on the other hand, his sex drive exponentially goes up, this might be because he is having sex with another "sexy" woman and its making him very horny elevating his sexual appetite. Another sign you need to watch out for (under sex life) is if he is currently trying new bedroom styles and moves which the two of you have not been playing. Change in bedroom sex style(s) is a sign that he might be learning them from another source (maybe through porn) or from another woman and when the two of you are making out he might want to try them out.

Common Sign that your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

2. Is He becoming very Secretive with his Personal Technology Device(s)?

Men love to own technology devices(some refer to them as toys) like smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops or desktop computers. Men are usually very open regarding the details of their technology devices when they start their relationships. They will be very free and will always allow you to use or access their devices whenever you feel like / request to. But if you start noticing your boyfriend become secretive of his gadgets like setting up passwords; the message box not containing even a single text in his device; the call log is always empty or sometimes his internet browser history is completely clean then this raises a red flag of him trying to hide something. Your boyfriend will start being very possessive and private / secretive when he has a secret relationship going on and he will never want you to find out. This is the main reason why he will start setting up passwords in his technology devices. So this is another sign you need to watch out for!

3. Has his Grooming Habits Gotten Better?

Sudden change in your man's general appearance is another sign that he might be seeing another woman. If for the time you have been knowing him he was never so much concerned about his looks and appearance but all over sudden he cares so much about his general look; then there might be some hidden motive behind this sudden interest / change. Some grooming habits which will show you if he is cheating include:

1. If he never was concerned about shaving his beard routinely but now it has really gotten into him. Unless he is doing it for an interview, he might be doing it to impress another woman.

2. If he used to let his hair grow till it became very shaggy but all over sudden he is having routine hair cuts.

3. If he is having major improvement in his clothes, like buying many new clothes; which he rarely did when you were dating.

4. If he is now always on the mirror checking to confirm his look before leaving the house. A red flag.

5. If he has changed his perfume and even stopped using his usual cologne / perfume. This is another major sign he is cheating on you and the fact that he is changing his body odour it means that he is simply trying to impress someone else.

If you also notice stray hairs on his clothes which do not belong to him or you, this is a sign he is likely cheating on you.

Common Sign that your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.


4. Is he Always Busy?

When you man is seeing another woman, the time he had for you or the attention he gave you will tremendously go down. Men will give his lady quality time and attention she deserve unless he is no longer interested in you or he is cheating with another woman. This is a red flag sign your man is not acting faithful and you need to watch out for. He will then start lying to you he is very busy (a reason many men give) because he wants to focus his attention on the other woman. Men are not very good at multitasking; they are only able to focus on one thing at a time. When your man is giving you less of his attention or time, then he might be cheating on you and this attention he is pushing it somewhere else. Watch out for the reason(s) which he might be giving you as an excuse to get out of the on the weekend or stay out late in the night.

Common Sign that your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

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5. If Your Joint Bank Account has a Major Dent or He is always Complaining of Financial Issues.

Many cases of financial infidelity have been associated with cases of marital or sexual infidelity. If you start noticing sudden miscellaneous charged on his or your credit card(s), start acting more cautious because he might be cheating and he is spending more on another woman to impress her. A behavioral and experienced dating guru Dr. Christie Hartman, Ph.D; the author of the book "Changing Your Game: A Man's Guide to Success With Women" says that ladies love to be flattered and for a man to successfully sweep a woman off her feet he will spend big on that her. This is another sign which you have to watch out for because he might have added another woman on your budget and that's where most of his cash is directed to. If he is also no longer interested in spending any of his cash on you like taking you out on a date or buying you small gifts; always complaining of the expenditure or his financial status then be cautious, he might be doing it to another lady.

Common Sign your Boyfriend is Cheating on you.

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6. Is He Always Defensive?

Dr. Tammy Nelson also states in her book; When you ask him a simple question like, "Where have you been, I tried reaching you several times. I was worried" and he gets very defensive of his long absence and even answers, "I told you I'll be busy, why do you always nag"; this is a red flag he might be cheating and the fact that he is acting very defensive it means he is trying to hide something. If he is becoming very defensive on any simple question you ask him, sometimes ending up in a terrible fight between you two, this is a sign he might be having an affair or he is cheating on you.

7. Does He Seem Much Nicer or Is He Becoming More Helpful?

We all have feelings and your boyfriend can become guilty especially if he is cheating on you. Guilt or unclear conscience will make your boyfriend suddenly become overly nice or be very helpful or offer help in anything you are doing / planning to do. He may be acting this way maybe because he is sorry for what he is putting you in or because he simply wants to cover up his traces of infidelity. Some of the common things he will start to help you with or do is like:

a) If he was not involved in frequently cleaning your apartment he starts, if he rarely bought groceries he starts or if fixing your car you did it yourself and he starts then he might be guilty.

b) He will always try to offer any little help even without you making any request. If you notice this, his conscience is not clear.

c) If all over sudden he starts bringing you flower without any occasion, or he tries to impress you with small gifts after a long period, then he might be cheating and he is trying to divert your attention.

After Noticing Some of These Signs What Can You Do?

After you have read this articles and some of the signs indicated have been seen, the next step you can take is to investigate. Investigating any crime clarifies it and if you have been suspecting your boyfriend for a while of infidelity you can start your investigation by:

a) Asking him if he is having an affair/ is cheating. The easiest way to start solving this issue is by having a conversation with your boyfriend and make him confess. This will hurt you less other than having suspicions and going through his stuff for signs; it will hurt you more. To start such a conversation you:

-Catching him off-guard. Ask him this question when he least expects. He will not have time to defend himself and chances are he might confess to the truth.

-Make him know that what you are about to discuss is very sensitive and you'd prefer if you were told the truth.

-When talking to him make sure you have direct eye contact because this will show your seriousness on the issue and he will also see it in your eyes that what he is doing is hurting you.

b) Try following him secretly so you can know his moves. If you don't have the guts to face your boyfriend and ask him about what's troubling you, you can as well follow him secretly to ensure if he is really cheating on you or not. To follow your boyfriend secretly you can:

-Follow him using a friend's car he doesn't know or you can hire a taxi to follow him around. Make sure you don't follow him too closely lest he will realize he is followed.

-You can pop in to his house or work place unannounced to confirm the excuse he gave you. if he claimed to be sick check him at his place and even prepare him some nice meal or chicken soup to help him recover quickly. In case he told you he is busy at work or will be working late, make a surprise visit at his work place (and carry some nicely cooked lunch for him) to clarify what he said. However when following him don't do it frequently because he might think you are stalking him.

c) Another step you can take to clarify your claims, you can go through his personal items. If you have a chance, try snooping through his technology devices like smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. Sometimes he can forget to clean all his traces of infidelity. Also check his bank statement to see any signs of unusual expenditure. If your boyfriend truly loves you he will tell you the truth to avoid leaving you in a lot suspense which hurts you more.

Common sign your boyfriend is cheating on you.

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Common Signs That Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

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Common Signs that Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

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Common Signs your Boyfriend is Cheating on You.

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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      3 years ago

      "If your gut tells you that your boyfriend is cheating on you, trust it."

      That statement pretty much says it all!

      The rest of the things like treating you nicer, grooming himself better, or desiring more sex can all be tied to the ebb and flow of long-term relationships in general.

      Sure you could spend time trying to play detective or seek some ego satisfaction from "busting him or her" but in the end if you were (unable) to verify them cheating and the behavior which caused your suspicions remained odds are you're not going to be happy.

      Unless you are one of those people who has always been "paranoid and insecure" there is no reason to doubt your instincts and beliefs when it comes to anyone you have invested time and emotion in.

      If something doesn't feel right to you then it's probably not right for you.

      Move on! (That's if cheating is a "deal breaker" for you.)

      Sticking around and expecting someone to change after you've given them your all is naïve and unrealistic.

      Life is too short to be spending time with anyone {you don't trust}!


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