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Signs Your Relationship Is Over

Updated on July 4, 2012

There are lucky ones in life that get into a relationship that will last a lifetime. The relationship proves sincere and loving for decades. They will eventually grow old together and live for eternity still loving each other. However, there are those of us that have struggled to maintain a relationship though most of our lives. Maybe it was because they cheated on you, argued a lot, or just had different ideas on how they wanted to live their lives.

There are those that have loving relationships that have gone through those rough periods and there is still love and understanding in the hearts of both parties. When these slivers of hope are still present, there are chances that you can mend the bridges with your ex. However, many do not know if it is too late to try and make up with your ex. There are some signs you can look for to know whether or not they are still interested in pursuing a relationship with you or does not want anything to do with you any longer.

Communication: The biggest factor in a relationship is communication. When there is none there is nothing left. If, you see that your ex has broken off all communication like ignoring your emails, text, or avoiding you when you see him on the street. This already proves he is no longer interested, and it is time to heal you of the unresolved feelings.

New Love. Do not try to tell yourself that since he is with another person and seems happy that he is trying to make you jealous. If, that is the case then run. If, you see you see your love with someone else after you break up. Just take a look at the language his body is giving. Does he look happy? Does she look content? If, that is the case you probably do not have much hope of trying to win them back, and it is time to move.

Attention. We all love attention, and when we do not have we find ways to get it. However, getting the right attention is the key about knowing if your ex still has feelings for you. Does he seem to call and talk to you as he used too? Does she sneak in to your office and bring a umbrella for you just because they thought it might rain? Do you feel alienated or separated from the one you love? If, there seems to be no connection or attention on either side it is probably because they have moved forward.

Calling and not answering. When you call your ex, and they do not answer will usually indicate that it is over. If, he sees you on the street and avoids you on purpose than most likely they are no longer interested in you, and it is time to move forward with your life.

Happiness. When the conversation turn to one or the other it should concern happiness. When they tell you thank you for being part of their lives up until now and that you should move on to be happy maybe it is time to do just that. The desires are no longer there, and the platonic friendship will not work.

Pity. The worst thing you can achieve for your ex is pity. The face of like the one that says they do not love you anymore and have moved on even though you are still attached. This is one you should avoid. Yearning for a relationship that can never be will only cause pity in the eyes of the user. They will have disappeared from the scenes in your life, and there is no longer a point to chase.

Yes, many of these points may seem obvious. However, when blinded by love, it can be hard to distinguish reality from truth. The old saying, “there are many fish in the sea.” This is a very true saying you will find love again most likely when you are not even expecting it. So, take life in stride, smile and continue on the road you were destined.


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