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Signs a Husband is Cheating: 10 Things to Look For

Updated on February 4, 2013
Signs a Husband is Cheating. Ten helpful cues to look for. Though not proof, they could be signs your husband is cheating.
Signs a Husband is Cheating. Ten helpful cues to look for. Though not proof, they could be signs your husband is cheating.

Signs a husband is cheating can be difficult to detect, but they might be obvious as well. If you have a gut feeling, the next step is to simply know what to look for.

None of these signs are a 100% positive proof that a spouse is unfaithful, but they could be signs that your husband is cheating. Be wary if you have seen a few of these signs at the same time.

  1. He comes home smelling clean. If he comes home after work smelling like he just got a shower, chances are he might be trying to hide the scent of a tryst with another female.

    Unless he works out at the gym and showers afterwards as a practice, this is one of the signs a husband is cheating.

  2. His cell phone has all sent and received texts and call records deleted. Men know that women can be snoops and so they sometimes think a step ahead to clean up the mess before you look.

    If your husband's cell records are a little too clean, and don't even include the calls and texts between you two, chances are he did a quick clean-up of all records just to make it easy on himself.

  3. He takes his cell phone into the bathroom. He never lets his mobile out of his sight. If he does, he seems panicked. He is afraid you might see a woman's inappropriate text or an unfamiliar woman's name in his address book entry.

  4. He's got a new zing in his step. If your husband acts like his life has been renewed for no apparent reason, he could be getting affection from a new floozy.

  5. You find unexpected entries on credit cards or receipts from restaurants and hotels. If your husband doesn't travel on business or entertain clients, there are few reasons he would need a hotel stay or to pay for a dinner for two.

  6. He's been working late yet doesn't seem drained. If he is sleeping with someone at work or after work, he comes home relaxed rather than frazzled, like most of us would be after a hard day with overtime.

  7. He starts ignoring a woman you both know. If he is cheating on you with a woman in your social circle, he and she might go out of their way to pretend they don't notice each other.

  8. His eye contact patterns with the offending woman would increase. If he doesn't do #7, one of the signs your husband is cheating with a woman in your circle is that he is likely to have intimate or prolonged eye contact with her.

    If, for example, you are having a dinner party and you say something to your husband, he and she might look in each other's eyes quickly to communicate a thought about what you said. It is sneaky and quick, but you can usually catch it if you know to look.

  9. There is an odd routine change. Your husband leaves for work earlier than usual, he no longer answers your calls during his lunch hour, or he starts making an extra visit to the country club.

  10. You find his wedding ring in one of his pockets when he always used to wear it.


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