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Signs of Defective, Flawed or Imperfect Relationship

Updated on September 8, 2012

Any habit that will distress your partner will endanger the love and security of your relationship. A single action that will not make your partner happy can be accepted but once insensitive acts are recurring and become predictable, the damage to the relationship is magnified and increased.

When things flows so well such that you are loving, kind supportive and understanding, expect that your partner will have a feeling of being loved and accepted. Otherwise negative feeling will pull trough as feeling of hatred toward each other will thrive in the relationship. Then every action, though innocent and unknowing, maybe interpreted as insensitive and unthoughtful.

Here is a list of destructive habits that can ruin, crush or destroy any relationship and even marriage:

Love Buster Number 1: Nagging

One of the most dreaded love killers employed by women is nagging. Defined as “to torment by persistent faultfinding or complaining,” nagging is considered by the vast majority of husbands as the worst mistake of women. In a survey conducted by Gallup Poll will show that nagging is the number one women fault.

Here are the common phrases or words used by nagging women on their poor husbands:

  • He never fixes anything around the house
  • He never takes me to anywhere
  • He won’t get up in the morning
  • He watches TV very late at night
  • He spends money unwisely
  • He lives beyond our means
  • He won’t talk to me
  • He has no time to our kids
  • He forgets special dates like birthdays, anniversaries and the list goes on
  • He is mean to me
  • He is too quiet
  • He never picks up his clothes
  • He tells the same jokes again and again
  • Has undesirable table habit
  • He is boastful
  • He swears even in front of the children
  • He refrains from exercise
  • He eats too much
  • He spends too much playing his favorite sports
  • He doesn’t pay bills on time
  • He constantly change channels and the long list goes on

For women to nag or provide advice is a sign of love, while their male counterparts do not. Women should know that there is the tacit rule of thumb men use, which read as: “a man offers another man advice only when it is specifically asked for. A man will allow his close pal to resolve a problem only when it is called for.

Before "Angry Birds," were made, there was throng of Angry Wives...
Before "Angry Birds," were made, there was throng of Angry Wives...

Love Buster Number 2: Angry outburst

Sudden bursts of anger may mean punishing our partners for doing something that is unpleasant. It may also imply that we attempt to teach the other with crushing words. Each of us has a wide arrange of weapons that we can utilize when we need them. These weapons may be in the form of shouting, criticism and derisive name-calling. Some couples may even lead to saying displeasing words, hitting each other, throwing things, kicking and pulling. Whatever the actions, our partners are helpless to our anger.

Although our anger is reasonable this action is unpleasant and it usually breeds more problems than solution. Keep in mind that the angrier you become, the more appalling things are expected to come out, and the more damage it will cause in to the relationship. The receiving end will take the damage while it makes the angry spouse looks so stupid.

Males are usually more tolerant about sudden outbursts of anger but the more sensitive and emotional female ones tolerate less. Aside from they get easily hurt by hurtful words, it takes them longer to recuperate.

Love Buster Number 3: Criticism

If you want your marriage to meet its dead end criticize your spouse. Anger alone is not so devastating unless it is combined with criticism, defensiveness and contempt. Repeated criticism on the part of either partner is a tell-tale sign of marital distress and division.

Imagine this scenario: The wife made harsh criticisms on her husband. The husband’s may resort to being defensive, withdraws from the battle zone or also become offensive. This will set the stage for a devastating quarrel that is expected to end with vicious verbal tussle and worse, physical abuse. Once this happen, succeeding discussions are useless and couple must call ceasefire and calm down. Third-party intervention might be useful in resolving conflicts.

Love Buster Number 4: Failure to Accept Partner’s Irritating Habits and Annoying Behaviors

Once a wife resorts to pouncing her husband’s weaknesses, love starts to break down. Some women can be annoyed at their husband’s poor posture, eating habits, tone of voice, mannerisms, the way he talk, choice of clothes and the list goes on. None of these behaviors are deliberately done to annoy her. Acceptance is the key here, if a couple wants to have a lasting marriage they should know how to accept the flaws of their spouse. Same thing can be said to the men.

That's it folks thanks a lot for the read. Feel free to leave a feedback in the comment section below.

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