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Signs of a Spouse Cheating

Updated on October 24, 2009

Cheaters. Don't we all hate them, all types of them. Cheating on test, board games, and most hurtful spouse cheating. This can cause the most pain and upset people. Do you think your spouse, husband, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend could be cheating on you? Here are some reliable signs that your spouse just could be cheating.

  • It starts with the idea "in the back of your mind" or intuition that your spouse may have another person in their life. Sometimes it's uncontrollable, and sometimes being pulling your attention more and more. At this stage you should not yell and argue with your spouse, read on for more info.
  • Cheater will be usually caught in one lie, leading to alot of lies. They have trouble keeping their stories straight. They use weird excuses they never said before, "I'm going to help a friend with something".
  • Lack of intimacy. When you wanna show them some love they push you away, maybe up brings the feeling of not connecting anymore. Less communication between the two of you, missing dinners or dates, missing alot of needed alone time with each other.
  • This sign could be used as an experiment. They may have a lack of sex needs. If their not getting it from you, who are hey getting it from? This could be a sign of lamness in routine. They maybe getting tired of doing the same old thing. So experiment, see if you spice things up, they still want to push away.
  • "Honey, I'm going out with some friends, be home later!" Not inviting you to social gatherings or friendly get togethers. A night out with the guys, yeah okay. A night out with guys and girls without you, uh oh.
  • Weird phone calls, text messages or emails from an unknown number. This is agood way to catch them with solid proof.

The best way to confront someone, or simply ask questions is to sit them down calmly. Let them know you are not accusing or getting angry you just want to find the source of their werid behavior. Try not to raise your voice, or get in a heated conversation.


Just a humorous picture, not a solution.
Just a humorous picture, not a solution.


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    • markminer profile image

      markminer 8 years ago from Albany, Oregon

      I have a fiance who is a bartender and who is a person who gives and accepts hugs, etc. all the time. There have been several times I thought she was cheating. But it never was true. I think that sometimes we have to be careful and weigh out the clues. But I love your hub.