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Signs that He's Married

Updated on November 3, 2009
Let's Talk!
Let's Talk!
You love him and think that one day he will marry you.  Read the signs that he's already married.
You love him and think that one day he will marry you. Read the signs that he's already married.

Signs that Your Dating a Married Man

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I didn't know he was married! Sista gurl! I understand that too. I want to help you with this one. Before I was inducted into the hall of wedded bliss, if a man gave me his beeper (yes, beeper -- now you know that was a while ago...LOL!) number, I took it. Then I asked him for his house number! If he couldn't do so, I gave him back his number and said to myself "next!"

Now, I know, some of you may still have some more questions so I'm gonna list several ways to tell if your man is married/committed (for you new school people).

  1. You can only reach him through technological means: cell phone, e-mail, texting, IMs but you can't reach him at his residence phone.
  2. You can't show up at his residence unannounced. Your visit needs to be scheduled.
  3. Your e-mail or text session is cut short unexpectantly; wife may have entered the room.
  4. DEAD GIVE AWAY: has a light ring around the finger where his wedding band should be!
  5. You have that unshakeable feeling that something just isn't right. Listen!
  6. He becomes uncomfortable when you ask him if he's married.
  7. Details of what he's told you about his past keep changing.
  8. He breaks dates suddenly even though you've planned them weeks/months ahead.
  9. Watch his time. Does he arrive/leave/call around the same time?
  10. What family members of his have you met? Did you meet his mother? If so, is she looking forward to you becoming her new daughter-in-law?
  11. He likes to meet you at out of the way places? Of course, he's just so romantic!
  12. This one I learnt first-hand ladies...He doesn't want you to wear lipstick or perfume. Likes you au naturelle! Boy, I had to laugh at this one! Memories...LOL!

Okay ladies I will be continuing this blog...look for my updates!


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