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Simple Pickup - Kong, Jesse and Jason Showing Average Guys How To Meet Women

Updated on June 5, 2013 | Source

Funny Simple Pickup Videos

It all started when Jesse, Jason and Kong started posting funny pickup videos on YouTube. They hoped to prove a point that talking to random women isn't all that hard. A lot of guys are afraid to approach women they like because they are afraid that if he gets turned down, it would be embarrassing. However, these 3 guys have shown that it has a lot of fun side to getting rejected and having fun at the process of finding women they like.

While most of their videos involve using lines from a popular game, TV show or song lyrics, they also do this off camera a lot. Not only are they creative, it is also fun and refreshing to see. A lot of times, meeting women randomly seems to have a negative connotation. Not for them at least. They show you that it can be done.

Starcraft Geeks Pickup Girls

In this video they use Starcraft Lingo to try to get the girls number. If you have played Starcraft 1 or 2, all the stuff that they use on the girls would be familiar. Lines like "Did somebody call for an exterminator?" and "Carrier has arrived" are Starcraft lines.

Pokémon Pickup Lines - Get Her Number!

Familiar with Pokémon? This video is for you! They use Pokémon in their interactions with the girls and attempt to get their numbers after. One particular funny interaction was "You just made my Weedle use string shot!"

WWE Pickup Lines

Wrestling fans are going to enjoy this one a lot. "It doesn't matter what your name is" and "Know your role" are popular wrestling lines. They used them in this video effectively, making it extremely entertaining. | Source

So Who Are These Guys?

You have to meet Kong, Jesse and Jason. They are the smooth operators that makes these videos funny. They actually are very socially awkward people during their teenage years.

Kong(Tooth Fairy)

Kong actually grew up in a traditional Asian family. He would spend his time playing video games. Due to his Asian upbringing,he was told to obey his elders and be respectful to them. As a result, he became passive and quiet, which was not an attractive trait to women. He once had a girlfriend back in high school and it took him 4 months before he attempted to get intimate with her. They ended breaking up, with his ex-girlfriend questioning him why it took him so long to get intimate. That was the breaking point of Kong and he decides to make a change.


Jesse was really chubby in high school and would play World of Warcraft(WoW) in his spare time. Due to his bad eating habits and being overweight, he would indulge in junk food and play WoW to drown his problems. At one point, he ditched high school prom to play WoW. That really was the breaking point for him. He decides to change and the rest is history.

Jason(Statue of Liberty)

While Jason was different from the other 2 as in that he had the courage to do many things, he had an illness. It is epilepsy, which causes seizure at random times. He was being made fun of and is called the "seizure boy". He decided that he wanted to change things and the rest was history.

Best Places To Meet Women

To be honest, anywhere. These guys have shown you it is doable on the streets. Women are everywhere. Bookstores, malls, schools and parks are just a few places that I can think of on top of my head.

The scary part is that guys are afraid it might come off as creepy or what not. Come to think of it, if you are afraid of what people think of you, you are no longer living your own world. You live in a world of fear, which isn't a nice place to be in. Just let go of everything and follow your heart. If you see a girl you like, just go for it.

Simple Pickup Conclusion

I am really happy to have found these guys, as they have helped me improve my dating life and also my social skills. I highly encourage you all to try out what they do. Although it is not for everyone, it does gives you more confidence in other aspects of your life.

Who is your favorite guy?

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