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Simple Rules to Planning Any Event

Updated on May 16, 2017
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Nageen has been an event planner for 10 years. With so much experience she now mentors new planners.

Event planning follow these key rules

Hire professionals with EXPERIENCE: They are plenty of planners out there who have experience who have planned multiple different kinds of events. These planners have experience in all aspects of event planning. From logistics to decor, to communication with vendors, solving challenging situations that arise. They also have the staff to assist them during your event.

  • You will encounter the planner who would like to build their portfolio. Do not let this be your event. Event planners can build their portfolios by assisting experienced planners. never let them convince you that they know what they are doing unless they have previous experience. (This experience does not include friend or family events)

Budget for worst case: All events big or small have certain situations that become problematic issues if you plan for it or not. Make sure your budget has some budge room.

Location! Location! Location!: Yes this matters!! Location matters for a few reasons. Wherever you decide to have your event make sure it accommodates what you are looking for this includes guest count, bathroom facilities options, rain plan options and much more. This also matter when thinking about your budget. If you have a small budget you can not assume that the cost of a central US state will be the same as the west cost or north east of the country. Location changes the cost of items, vendors and everything else.


Simple Rules

Here are some Simple Rules to follow.

  1. Put a great team of vendors in place: Make sure everyone is on the same page. This is the key to logistics. (If you have a planner they will handle this for you)
  2. Never announce anything or solidify a contract: Without having a firm plan. If you don't know for sure then once it is out there or a contract has been written up it is VERY difficult to change it.
  3. Sign contracts: In a timely manner and send deposits
  4. Create a budget sheet in excel it will help you stay on track
  5. Create a timeline of events: Make sure it is airtight and a realistic one. Issue it to all parties involved.
  6. Allow ample prep time: Weddings normally take 1 year to plan this comes out to almost 450 hours or more of planning. Yes this is a lot. If your event is a little more complicated be sure that planning will take more time.
  7. Create an experience: This goes for any event. Yes this event is sometimes for you or for your guests make sure it is an experience to remember. Top things: Location, Convenience, Food, & Entertainment.
  8. Be Unique!
  9. Do not skimp on key elements to your event. Some key events are: Entertainment & Food!
  10. Food! Food! Food!: Please do not skimp on this! This is very important and will really affect how your guests view your event. Remember make sure you have enough and they are options!

What is most important to you in an event?

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Happy Planning!


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