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Single awhile before enterting relationships

Updated on February 11, 2014

Money could be a cause of most break ups. Women tend to think that money is love. If they were in relationships a lot in the past they depend on the male to buy them everything and take them out.

Being single gives you independence. It makes you see that you don't need someone paying for you. You could go to dinner with your friends. You want to be in a relationship because you want to experience love.

When you are always with someone you may take things for granted. You won't know what love is. You will expect guys to pay for you or give you things. If they can't provide you, you will ex them off and jump onto someone new. You will feel that you could get any guy you want. When you love someone you love them no matter what.

When you are single awhile instead of jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend it is actually a good thing. You get experience. You see that all guys are different and you could look for red flags. So as time goes on you know the difference between someone who cares about you and someone who is all talk. You also know what works for you in a relationship and what does not work.

When entering a new relationship think of the factors. Don't get upset if you can't go to an expensive restaurant. Know that you could pay for yourself and don't need to use someone else's money. Relationships are about love. It's nice to go out but it shouldn't be a key factor in a wonderful relationship.

Do you believe it is better to be single awhile or jump from relationship to relationship?

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