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Stay Single

Updated on March 9, 2018
nich sherry profile image

Hi Folks, My interest towards dragged me into this page. Please do encourage and criticize me in a healthy way.

Happily Single!!!

Being a typical Indian women, I always wonder the slight dilemma between a conservative and non-conservative families. As I said, it is a slightest difference whether your family approves of you being in love or not. This issue haunts every other Indian women before falling in love. But, I am not here to discuss about the difficulties in love from family but instead I am going to share difficulties in relationships.

I have got few of friends who are madly in love. Looking at them this thought of falling in love followed me for days and I have been waiting to find my Mr.Perfect one day. My perception of love initially started with going by looks, then gradually it moved to his character, soul and blah..blah..blah...To my dismay I did not find my Mr. Perfect and I discovered now that I am not going to find it any day soon. This doesn't mean I am an perfectionist with no flaws or critic who criticizes and complaint for everything in life. Later I found that it is not my attitude towards finding love but it is just I don't want to fall in love right now.

How did I realize it?. The same friends who once made me get into this whole "Idea of Love". It was not because of their quarrels, not because of their mismatch, not because of their failed relationships. This thing appeared to me much later but yes, I am in the verge of understanding what I need from my partner and the answer is just one thing "compatibility". What is lacking in most of the relationship nowadays is your compatibility with your partner. Being yourself is what every men and women need in a relationship. A girl judged for wearing a dress she likes and a boy rejected for getting a mere paycheck. This is the true color of relationships nowadays.

I once viewed a social networking site where there were whole a lot of posts and memes criticizing girls in a relationship. Men categorize women all together in a complete nutshell and criticize them as one. But please there are girls who don't like cute teddies, there are girls who dislike roses, chocolates and for god sake all girls are not a fan of pink . Some do like sports, bike riding, adventurous and black . And to all the women out there don't expect your men to look good, manly with six or whatever packs and well settled. It is completely okay if he don't have all these. Get a Life!!!

Finally, in any relationship both men and women expect the same thing at the end of the day. Don't pamper her/him for their looks, their clothes, their social life instead tell them "You be yourself and I am going to love you the same way always no matter you became fat, got stretch marks or bruises". It is hard to find Mr/Ms.Perfect in any Men/Women we come across, it becomes just perfect in the way you accept them with their flaws.

Let bygones be bygones!!!!!

Let men be men!!!!!!

Let women be women!!!!....

I am going to follow the heart and fall in love when it happens without any plan or idea of falling in love. Until then going to love myself, eat a lot, wear my favorite clothes and live my life....

Happily Single!!!!!!!!!!

© 2018 nichu sherry


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 6 weeks ago

      " Later I found that it is not my attitude towards finding love but it is just I don't want to fall in love right now." - True honesty!

      Now the question is: How do you define being single?

      Legally it means anyone who is not married.

      However some people would say you're not single if you're going out on dates, others say if you're not single if in an exclusive relationship.

      Would you consider someone who has casual sex single?

      Some people define single as NOT going out on dates period whether one is a committed relationship or playing the field. Essentially for them being single means living a (lonely) life.

      Personally I believe anyone who is not an "exclusive relationship" is single or free to do as they please. They're not attached to any specific person at this stage in their life.

      Granted one's culture and personal moral code may prevent some people from dating or having casual sex without commitment.

      My point is in a world with over 7 Billion people two people could easily describe themselves as being "single" but have different definitions for their status.

      In the U.S. men generally do not pursue relationships and wives. They look for women to go out with or have sex with and if a relationship or their feelings (evolve) they push for being "exclusive" or possibly give a marriage proposal.

      Ultimately its something "special about that person" that causes them to suddenly have thoughts about settling down and marriage.

      I'd be weary of anyone who said they were {ready to get married} and they did not even have a boyfriend or girlfriend. That's scary!

      These kind of people are chasing after a "marital status" and anyone they meet is little more than a "prop" to help them achieve their goal.

      Life is a (personal) journey. Live life on (your) terms!

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      Each of us has our mate selection process/must haves list.

      Each of us has our "boundaries" and "deal breakers".

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde