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Six Great Dates Any Man Should Take His Partner On

Updated on October 25, 2011
Get close and seal the deal with this hot date.
Get close and seal the deal with this hot date.

Date 1 - Clay Pottery Making

Despite being a real cliche date its very surprising how few people have even been clay pottery making. Pottery making is great fun and very messy it allows couples to get close and come away with something to remember the date by, if your super lucky you may even be able to instigate a clay fight which is always fun just be sure to allow your partner to win.

Taste the world without even leaving the town.
Taste the world without even leaving the town.

Date 2 - Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is far more sophisticated than a night down the pub but still incorporates the alcohol content. Whats more you will learn lots of probably quite useless information about wine, though it will fuel some interesting debates between the two of you and open your eyes to the wide world of wine. Even if wine isn't your thing you're sure to find one that hits the spot as there are so many different taste on the market.

Get creative to make a good impression.
Get creative to make a good impression.

Date 3 - Picknic

Haven't the days of picnics in the parks started to die, the sad part is that they needn't have, picnics are a relatively inexpensive date and allows you hours of uninterrupted time to talk. If you're creative then even the rain won't get in your way! Who ever said a picnic had to be down the park? Why not try having one in your living room after work, Grab some candles put some music on quietly and lay out your picnic and await your loved ones arrival, with all the effort you've put in and the fact that its a bit unusual its bound to go down well.

Who could resist a cuddle with a lamb, I couldn't.
Who could resist a cuddle with a lamb, I couldn't.

Date 4 - Lambing

Lambing is a seasonal date but should definately be acted upon come mid march. Lambing tends to run from mis march through to the end of april and most farms will be glad of the extra hands. Some girls will be squeemish and not want to get involved with the giving birth part however bottle feeding a lamb on your lap is sure to be a hit, and you can look as macho as possible without getting yourself arrested. The countryside is never far away no matter where you live and this is one date not to be missed.

View the countrys water ways with a relaxing trip on a narrow boat.
View the countrys water ways with a relaxing trip on a narrow boat.

Date 5 - Narrow Boating

Perfect for summer weekends narrow boating allows you to see plenty of the country side and spend some quality time with your loved one. narrow boating provides you with the perfect combination of peace and quiet and with prices not being as expensive as you may think its definitely one to look into. Most narrow boat hire companies will provide you with all the essentials so all you'll need to worry about is food, drink and the weather.

Make some noise cheering the dogs on.
Make some noise cheering the dogs on.

Date 6 - Dog Racing

Going to the dogs is far cheaper than a visit to the GG's and is just as much fun, most dog tracks don't have a minimum bet so having a dibbles needn't be expensive as is just as satisfying when you do pick the winner (usually the rabbit). Do some research into a few local tracks and go for one that has a bar and restaurant to make the most of the evening, and I wouldn't worry to much about the dogs you pick as the information on a dogs form is less than accurate or easy to understand compared to horses. Pick your favourite name and scream till its over, even if your four legged friend doesn't win your sure to rack up some brownie points and that can't be bad.


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