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So Much Hurt

Updated on March 21, 2012

So much hurt, sorrow, pain

What I had so briefly lost

A pain I never wanted to know

Why, why are you so cold

Anxiety, my shadow

Anxiety, my demon

Once again tearing from me what I held so dear

How could you be so cold

Thought I knew you, you were so kind

But you're not, you're like all the others

Go on abandon me, I don't need you

I don't need people like you

Leave me, go ahead and leave me!

You are not what you proclaim to be

Let not your presence draw near to me

Let not your face turn toward me again

You are the embodiment of all that has brought me to this place

Agony, agony tearing at my soul

Turning, churning a knife embedded in my chest

How could this end this way

Why does everything I love turn on me

Like a snake you've struck at me

Like a wounded soldier I still carry on

When will true friendship be shown

When will love finally be known

My friend you once we're and now I fear you are no more

But like a friend I wait, wait for you to turn back to me


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