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What Do Women's Lips Say To You?

Updated on May 23, 2020
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Writer’s Note: There are three brand names in this hub. Vaseline, Buick Roadmaster, and Alice Cooper. Not any of these three are to be taken as me promoting these companies and rock singer. Truth is, I needed to include these names to help produce the thoughts that I was producing at the time. Thanks, Kenneth.

I Would Love To Say

that this piece is very sensuous, but I would be flagged by my HubPages editors, not just by the women editors, but males as well. HubPages is mostly a clean, respectable website and I want to work to keep it these ways. But the topic is going to remain the same. So grab a cup of "Joe." put your feet up and relax with (this) hub.

I am straining every nerve with each keystroke to get you my observation about women and their choices of lipstick colors. And you would be amazed at the things that I learned about lipstick, not necessarily the woman who wears this needed-make-up tool.

Would you like one Economic Fact? Did you realize that every year, there is about five to 10-billion bucks spent (just) on lipsticks? And you say that men have all the money in our country. No, sir. I would say that the hefty amount of scratch spent every year on lipstick says so much about the "why." not the "whom" spends so much on a product that we all enjoy--both the males and females since our nation is now a Tolerant Nation and accepts any and all who want to express themselves. I am just glad that we still have women who love to wear lipstick--and since I am confessing, RED lipstick is my all-time favorite color.

Aren't These Lips Lovey?
Aren't These Lips Lovey? | Source

There Are A Few Tough Questions

that I need to ask, because I do not want anyone to think that I tried to "sweep something under the carpet." This is a full-blown, wide-open, blue ribbon-winning hub that will take you places that you have wondered about, but were too afraid. And there is NOTHING in this piece that will cause you to foam at the mouth or suddenly have the urge to leave your wife and kids, quit you job, and trade your sensible, gas-saving automobile for a vintage '56 Buick Roadmaster convertible then head to the Big Easy, and if you do not know where this is, shame, shame, shame.

When Should Girls Start To Wear Lipstick? I have had considerable experience with this item. I was blessed with two beautiful grand-daughters and the oldest began her "Lipstick Experience,"at age 11. That is right, age 11. I was stunned. I had secretly-thought that she would wait until she was 16, but things about boys and girls have changed drastically since "I" was young, so her choice was okay. Then our baby grandbaby just started with lipstick, but, thank God, only in a moderat amount, at age 12. Both my two grand-daughters and grandson are great kids. Oh, my grandson, age 14, has NOT started down the "Lipstick Lane" and daring to wear lipstick, so I am happy.

When Is Too Much Lipstick Too Much? If you are keeping count, six coats of lipstick is wa way bit too much. Unless she is touring with rock icon, Alice Cooper, whose lipstick is patented and cannot be used by anyone unless by written permission. Most young girls only apply one, may be two coats of lipstick and that is plenty.

Should Girls Wear Lip Gloss? Absolutely! No guy has ever liked girls with dry, cracked lips. I think that answer is sufficient.

Should Guys Wear Lip Gloss? Are you nuts? Only if you have ran-out of Vaseline and planning to camp-out in Montana, the coldest place in America.

Are Full, Pouty Lips More Attractive Than Regular Lips? Although this is a bit controversial, I am a big fan of the Regular Lips that my wife (of 44 years, June 28) wears. She looks absolutely-gorgeous with her moderate-amount of lipstick and without any botox. Happy Anniversary, ahead of time, wife of mine.

Should Girls Kiss While Wearing Lipstick? Some, yes. Some, no. I will let you in on a little secret: if a girl doesn't object to kissing her guy, then she has an humble heart, but in most cases, a girl who balks at kissing her man is snooty, arrogant and full of pride.

With Or Without Lipstick? Which Is Better?

I Think That I Should

go further with my lecture about lipstick with a few border-line "ADULT" thoughts about lipstick.

"Girls definitely have the edge in knowing how to gain entrance to restaurants (that claim that they are sold out), concerts (for the same reason), cruises (yes, for the same thing) and how a pretty girl with dynamite lips can just pucker her lips just a little and any guy with a little testosterone will go nuts and promise this girl the moon.

"I can share the following because I witnessed it in-person," when I worked for our weekly newspaper, we had a super-ad salesperson who was very attractive, but wore plenty of clothing, but she had the most-alluring eyes that I had ever seen." "Then one morning, I witnessed one guy in the office sitting in her office watching her apply her make-up--from her natural, pouty lips and just enough mascara and eye shadow to cause any business owner to stop what he was doing just to listen to her talk about advertising. Oh, and she had the prettiest brunette hair." So my point is: there are some guys who had rather just watch a pretty girl applying her make-up, rather than ask her out.

"Should girls visit the nearest ladies room every hour on the hour to moisten her lips?" not necessarily. This gesture might lead to some behind-the-back talk about (this) girl thinking too much of her looks, or maybe she does have a problem with dry lips. Do not be too hasty to judge. There are a number of lip gloss products that act as an irrigation and smoothing ingredient in the gloss."


in this eye-opening lecture about lipstick, I have learned that the majority of women swear by lipstick, while there are about that same percentage that say that they do not have to wear lipstick in order to be confident and full of life.

I would name the girl who said this to me, but I want to keep her name secret because this is called respect. I knew this woman, age 50 but looks 30, and she does NOT wear a big amount of lipstick or eye make-up and to be honest, she looks marvelous (Billy Crystal doing impression of Fernando Lamas.

See you soon. Kiss! Kiss!

June 13, 2019______________________________________________________

Is This Trick Photography? Is The Girl Wearing Lipstick?
Is This Trick Photography? Is The Girl Wearing Lipstick? | Source

How Girls Can Use Lipstick For Vengeance:

and this one should be ready for any reading in a doctor's waiting room. I promise that there is NO adult-meanings found inside this hub, so be free to let your children read this hub right along your side.

There was a time when girls and guys were dating and enjoyed their relationship, but the girl was not privy to the fact that "he" was married because he did not think it to be important. But one day, she did find out without him knowing it, and she planned this perfectly. During one hot date, the poor male sap did not notice that the sly female had gently applied some of her lipstick to the back of his shirt collar. You can figure out what happened when his wife did the laundry. No more hot dating. No more shirt. No more husband.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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