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How To Meet Your Rock Star Crush

Updated on January 15, 2017
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Hubpages writer StricktlyDating is an Australian writer creating pages of original funny quotes and status updates.

How You Can Get To Meet Your Rock Star Crush:

So you have a crush on a Musician? A weekend rock star? A local celebrity? Maybe getting to know him is not as hard as you think. Most Musicians love knowing they having fans, and because of this are not completely unapproachable.

Assuming you're over the legal age to get to one of his gigs, here's some handy hints about how to get his mind on you!

Firstly, you'll need to look up his (or his band's schedule or bookings) either from your local paper, or online. While you're searching, try to find out a few things of interest about them (most Musicians or their bands have Bio's) you might find something which you can later use as talking points when you get to meet him. This is made easier if you're following your rock star crush on Twitter and Facebook, as you'll get an insight into their lifestyle and the activities they enjoy in their downtime.

Once you know where he's performing, research the various venue's he'll be performing at. The best way to get access to approach him will be in a smaller and more casual venue, not at a large concert where there may be considerable entourage and security staff, and he may spend the entire evening backstage, behind the scenes, giving you next to no chance of meeting him offstage.

Once you've chosen the venue and night you'll attend, you need to consider how you'll present yourself. The music industry is all about what's "cool", so you'll have to give the impression that you're a 'cool girl', both in looks and personality. Also consider his own fashion style when you decide on what you'll wear for the evening. As a general rule, you don't want to dress too over the top, yet you want to be a little more glamorous than the others in the crowd. Maybe you're in jeans but you're wearing killer red boots and you've let your hair down! You don't want to scream 'groupie' if you want a real chance of getting to know him, yet you'll want to look a little sassy, so if you're planning to wear a mini-skirt, cover up more at the top, or vice versa. Let there be bright colours be on your lips and fingernails or jewellery, but don't over-do the eye-makeup too much, and pick an outfit you'll look cutest in on the dance floor!

You'll need to recruit at least one of your 'cool' friends to go to his gig with you. Choose friends who'll be happy to get up on the dance floor with you! If you like him, you must appear to like his music, so that means you'll need to get up and dance! Did you know, even amongst all the lights on stage and the low lighting on the dance floor, a musician on stage can see everyone on the dance floor, so you don't need to be dancing right up front, at the bottom of his microphone, but don't dance too far up the back either, because he needs to be able to see on your face that you are enjoying his show. The most important thing on the dance floor is to make sure you're moving to the music and looking like you're really, really having fun! You can sometimes also send a smile his way as you notice him while you're dancing, but still keep the 'cool' factor by glancing away and continuing to dance and enjoy yourself. You want to catch his eye a little, and just let him notice how much you're enjoying his music. Even if you don't know the music, it's best to pretend on the dance floor that these are truly your favourite songs!

Musician's perform in 'sets', so there will be breaks in between his performances. This is the time you need to look for a chance to approach him if you can, and because of the concert setting you're in, it's okay to be a little cheeky about it. For example "Hi Paul, I'm sally, I love your music, and I follow you on Twitter, do you mind if I put in a special request for (One of his songs that you love)?". In just one sentence now he knows your name, he knows you are one of his followers (He could potentially look you up online, or may recognise you now if you comment on one of his Tweets in the future) and he knows that you know his music!

During his breaks between sets, he's usually taking the chance to have a drink and cool down for a little while, or to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the room. If he heads to the Bar, it's definitely your best opportunity to slide in next to him (even discreetly following him there) and start a conversation. He's feeling the rush of coming down from up on stage, and you're letting him know you're enjoying the entertainment he's providing. In a casual approach like this, all you really need to do is smile and introduce yourself and say you're "Really enjoying the show", when he politely says "Thanks" it's your opportunity to try to spark up further conversation such as "Oh I really love it how you..." or "I loved your last song" Something sweet! It's okay to him know you're a little bit of a fan of his, so long as you keep it casual, keep your cool and don't go completely over the top the first time you speak! If you can make him smile you've done well so far, and you're leaving a good first impression. And when the music's back on, be back up their dancing again, so he can notice you there!

During performance breaks, your Musician crush my not be alone, but don't worry, as at this stage you're only trying to be friendly, and give the impression that you're having fun, so you can still approach him as above if he's with a fellow band member or friend (even if it's another woman) without giving off the wrong impression. Be friendly towards his friend, so they'll have a good impression of you too, but stay focused on starting a little conversation with your crush.

If he's not moving far from the stage in his set breaks, it's OK to cheekily approach him from the dance-floor and strike up a conversation, for example, "Hi, excuse me, I'm sally, I just really wanted to say how much we're enjoying your show tonight, where can we see you again next?" etc. This kind of flattering and respectful conversation should leave him happy. As a musician his aim is to please the crowd. And if tells you where he's performing next, it gives to a possible future date to flirt with him!

After this initial contact, short conversation and more time dancing along to his music with your friend, you can approach him a second time later, and thank him for a great night, because you've already broken the ice with him. Ask if they have a social network site where you can follow the band on. And when you later join or follow them online you can post to their timeline something like "Hi, nice to meet you Saturday, really had me up dancing, your music is amazing! Can't wait to see you perform again xo Sally" He's bound to have a quick look at your social network profile then, so make sure you're profile will also give a good impression of you!

After attending just one of his shows, it's now likely he now knows your name and would recognise you if he saw you again! So it's time to plan the next gig you will attend and similarly repeat the above!

At the next venue you attend, if you find any opportunity to speak with him again, this time ask him if he knows a good place to go out afterwards. Or you could private message him on his social network site and tell him that you're really looking forward to his next show at (Wherever it is) and ask him if he does know a nice place to go to dance after you've been to that show. He might even end up being there afterwards too, allowing you more opportunities to talk with him. You may even want to slip him your phone number too.

I've found personally, sometimes it takes a short discussion with a musician crush over two or three gigs, before you really become friends with each other, and this opens up other perks, besides the opportunity for romance, such as free tickets to upcoming shows (Or leaving your name on the venue door), invitations to go back stage with him between sets, and exciting opportunities to meet talented and interesting people.

More Tips For Meeting Your Rock Star Crush:

  • If you've been to a few gigs and have never had the opportunity to meet your rock star crush, ask someone at the venue (For example the sound check guy) where he thinks the band are likely go out afterwards, or if he knows how you could possibly meet the band. Just be friendly and fun loving about it.
  • Don't pass your phone number on to your crush through a 3rd party. Save it to do yourself, even if it has to be via personal message on the social network site of your crush. You don't want to start your relationship looking like another groupie.
  • Don't feel intimidated by groupies (All musicians have followers) befriend them and they may just invite you to wherever the party is after the gig! But don't let on about the huge crush you have, just make out it's the music you love and they'll believe they have that in common with you!
  • Respect that your crush may not be single, and if that's the case, shift your focus to someone else for the time being!

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