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Social Media's Effect on Relationships

Updated on February 18, 2017

In today's society, the internet has evolved and have affected almost every aspect of our lives either in a positive or negative light. With the internet, comes a variety of Social media websites and apps through which individuals share just about anything from how they feel to what they eat or places they go through sites such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.

With all the buzz of these social media sites, it brings a call for concern because you just don't know what your significant other is doing on their profiles. They might be liking photos, checking out other men or women's profile and not to mention photos that are sometimes placed on these social media sites just to cause sexual provocation.

If you are in a new relationship you would not want to see your partner or the person your dating showing an active interest in someone else's profile. Only for fear of knowing he may get uninterested in you. Also if you have been cheated on in your past relationship you will more than likely become concern or jealous especially when you see your partner on their cellphone, tablet, laptop smiling or laughing cause you just don't know what is on that screen they are looking at, maybe a sexy hot chica or a strong looking hunk.

Social Media Red Flags

Your relationship depends on both of you, to be honest with each other, social media definitely can be a source of temptation to cheat. Also, Social Media allow for reconnecting with old friends and also prior partners which may lead to the rekindling of feelings and physical cheating. The more romantic or connected a couple's relationship is this can lead to them constantly having the urge to keep tabs on their partner's social media especially if their partner uses it a lot.

There are certain triggers that you can use to put your mind at ease or to figure out if you are been cheated on using these social mediums.

Constant use of Social Media Networks

If you notice that your partner is constantly on their phone or other technological devices, this is a call for concern especially if it is a special occasion and you can't get their attention. If what is on their phone is of more importance than you who is in front or with them then that means you should probably not even bother and let that person go. On the other hand, some people are just obsessed with going on these social media apps so it's just a habit that they need to get rid of.

Restricting Partner as friend

If your partner won't add you as a friend this will raise your suspicion of him not being committed. You will be thinking to yourself "What does he/she have hiding?." I think sometimes it works out for the best because they say out of sight, out of mind and if you aren't both connected on the same social media you won't have to see him liking others post or photos to result in you questioning if he might be involved or flirting with his social media connections.

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Social Media PDA

It is also said that happy couples post less about their relationship on social media.Too much Social media PDA (Public Display of affection) can be both good and bad, especially if one partner knows that their relationship is not the bed of roses that the other partner paints in their social media post. As for me, l think couples should try not to post everything regarding their relationship on these social media sites. It is better sometimes to let someone see you and say "wow, I didn't know that". Try to keep a part of the happenings in your life private. I do know, however, that some persons are just so overly in love that they will continuously manifest their love for each other over social media for everyone to see.

Suspicious pictures, status or comment

Another red flag to watch out for is your partner posting pictures or status messages or comments that are provocative or seems to be seeking attention. Also if your partner post pictures with friends of the opposite sex that look like they are more than just friends. Some partners will post inappropriate messages or flirty comments on their friend's post or pictures that are very questionable behavior and if they are liking pictures that make you feel uncomfortable. You should confront your partner to get some clarification regarding these Social Media networks.
If you see that social media is ruining your relationship, you may want to give it a break or try to use it less.


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