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Some Problems Those We Face In Our Daily Life and Its Solutions

Updated on July 9, 2011

Some Problems Those We Can't Ignore In Our Life

Life without fun is like sky without stars as stars can make a dark night so bright so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of darkness. Fun is just like that. Now at this present time we get so busy in our work. Our life has become so much narrower that we have become a machine. We always run behind time and our daily routine. Now there is no difference between a robot and a human being as we have become habituated in our dynamic life. We are about to forget to enjoy gathering together once or twice in a month, we are about to forget to laugh all together, to gossip together sitting on the chairs for a long time. We are all now in hurry to compete how fast we can run in making money, in building career and in doing so we even sometimes forget our personal relations also. We sometimes forget that someone is there who is waiting for me at home, who is waiting for my calls, who is wishing to see me, who is eager to get a sweet message from us.

In this case a simple short weekend trip is little bit necessary for us. We get tired once by maintaining our daily routine. Then we need our closed one beside of us to give us energy but sometimes we forget that while we were busy in our daily routine they might also need us like the way we need now. But they were alone and one day that may cause beak up of relationship. We may say if we have proper understanding then these will not happen but how much we can ignore this problem by saying good understanding can erase all our faults. It’s our duty that we are all bound to give proper time to our family, to them who are special to us, close to us. We can expect from them a lot but when it comes to us then we often avoid our responsibility saying we are busy and we are doing all these for a secure future for both of us and our family but we don’t think that we are going far away from our family slowly by doing so.

Even for this work pressure we sometimes get depressed and upset also. The colours of a lively life have become faded up. We get hot tempered, irritated very quickly. Life becomes bore to us and we need a change. So it has very important for us to spend sometimes with our partners, with our family. They sometimes also help us to reduce our burden of works, tension. Sometimes chatting with friends, sending Orkut scraps, Funny SMS are good way to reduce stress at the time of work as it takes very short time to send and also very easy to send many persons within minutes. Sometimes sending some love SMS to our beloved one also makes them feel that we are thinking about them. It also helps to make us feel the feelings of our beloved one. It brings back the emotion, feelings attraction for them in our mind. A short and simple, time consuming way to keep in tough always, to communicate regularly and get refreshed while we use to be busy in our work. A simple smile after seeing the scraps or messages also helps to bring back energy for doing work.

Relations are very sophisticated and we should nourish it in a proper way. It’s very easy to break a relation but very hard to build it up. Relations are the ever best jewelry in our life and precious also. Others things are depended on it as if we stay happily then money, luxury, and other things have its worth to us and otherwise these materials can’t bring smile. Sometimes we become unable to expose our feelings properly. So sms, scraps are one of the best substitutes for us to say our unsaid feelings. It also helps to solve even our misunderstandings. All are necessary to us. Money and others material supports are also necessary to live a life but it becomes colourful when the flavour of love mixes with these materials. To harmonize our life maintenance of good relationship is equally important along with materials needs. WE all try live life with its full extend but we all use to forget how to. So we should at least live with full of fun along with love of our beloved ones and others who are closed to us and we should maintain a good communication to live in a smooth way. A short weekend trip for or spending a holiday by watch movies at movie theater, or by organizing a family picnic are some ways to get fun and happiness in life and in that way we can be able to spend times with our family. This will help us to live a lovely life forever.


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    • Manasidas profile image

      Manasidas 6 years ago from Kolkata

      yes its our fault we often ignore these problems and we even sometimes think how much these problems may create problems in our life in future. thanks for your comment and hope to see your comments further.

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

      I think these are very valid points and we are like robots at times being so busy and not stopping to enjoy people in our life or smell the flowers.