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Some Messages That I Ever Want To Dedicate My Beloved One

Updated on January 18, 2011

Love is the basis of all relationship.Every individual wants love to walk in the way of life. An unknown person becomes known and close to heart because of love. We started thinking about that person, we bother for that person, and we become eager to meet with, to spend times with that person. We started smiling in absent mind we started dreaming about that person and we desire to live a healthy life for ever with that person. Suddenly that person becomes so special to us. Suddenly that person becomes so important, so precious to us. The sweet melancholy of love spreads everywhere in the air, we feel when we fall in love.

We sometimes don’t find the proper language to convey our love to our beloved ones. Sometimes we also feel that a simple message is better to say verbally. I sometimes feel the need of SMS as sometimes I don’t get that perfect word to express my feelings, to share my words with my sweet heart. I feel sometimes in the crowd of people or in the busy schedule of work a simple message can make our beloved one feel that we think of them, we are missing them. Sometimes a message can also bring a smile when we see that it has been sent by our beloved one. It makes then our mind refreshed and also brings a sweet attraction.

Here are some messages I want to dedicate my beloved one. This is only for you my love.

I will love you till the end of life

You just come and see my mind

My heart beats only for you

I am nothing without you

Thanks for being my life

feel proud of being your wife.

The world you have given me

is the world of my dream

You have given me more than I desire

You have given the space to share

All my feelings and love

For you I can feel being loved by someone

you are my sweet heart, my beloved one.

I am proud to be a part of your life

Thanks for being my life.

Love me for a reason

Let the reason be love

I want to spend my entire life into your arms

And never want to stay apart.

My dream is you my friend forever

You are the rising sun in my life and stars of night

You can be out of my sight but never from mind

I will be yours only till the end of life

Don’t leave me alone my love

As you have become my life.

Most romantic words:

"shud I love god more dan u as he showed u 2 me?

of shud I love u more dan god as u showed me wat god is..?"

I have seen god in you

I have seen love when I feel you

I have felt the miracle of love

when I fall in love with you.

My eyes miss u,

My feeling love u,

My hand need u,

My mind call u,

My heart just 4 u.

I will die without u,

Bcoz I Love U.

My world is confined in you

My pray is confined in you

My desire is confined you

My goal is confined you

My life is confined in you

Coz my love I Love You.

I have tied my life with u my love

I have got you through an unknown prayer

I am so lucky to have you as my love

You are the one whom once I used to desire.


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    • profile image

      swt ampa 2 years ago

      love is one of the best things that can ever happens to u,the only way to be loved is to love;open up to love

    • profile image

      ISHIKA 5 years ago