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Social Media - Sometimes Life Just Sucks

Updated on March 24, 2015

Today was quite a day...

There I said it, you know you were all thinking it but I finally said it. There are the days that go by that are terrible from the beginning and then those that take a jagged turn and you go “What the *&%*@ was that!” Listen I know things could always be worse and I’m sure you all do too but the reality is when your right in the middle of your own personal drama it’s okay to just admit that today sucks.

I’m currently in an internal struggle with myself over social media, I know it’s annoying and terrible for me to be consumed by the perfect life others chose to portray. However I’m still not willing to give it up… true addict I tell you. Every day as I flip through my Facebook wall, Instagram feed, Twitter account and others I wonder what exactly I am doing here. Why do I care what fancy new age ridiculous meal someone is eating? Should it really matter to me that their kid pooed in a toilet for the first time? Or better yet is the constant barrage of inspirational quotes written by others and attached to pictures of people who didn't say them really worth it?

The truth is social media is simply what one wants to portray about themselves, other than the one friend who checks in at the hospital with no explanation or the shout outs to family and friends who aren't even on Facebook to see it (Yes you know who they are, and if you don’t it’s because it is you!) many people don’t disclose the truth of their lives. What they share is the high point they want others to know about or the low point people are looking for pity over. I haven’t ever seen the post that says “I’m terrified of becoming a parent” or “My husband is cheating on me” We hide behind these pictures and stories about what a wonderful life should look like. What happened to the days of calling a friend to go out for a drink and discuss issues? We see human beings less and less as we learn to communicate via social media. Heck companies are even training people on how and what to post to generate additional followers!

Many companies are now having more luck with cheaper advertising due to social media but the question remains, if one does not embrace the reality of social media can one still survive? I personally think there needs to be an equal balance. It's not okay that I wake up every morning and role over to see what's going on in the world. The reality is it's none of my business but the curiosity always ensures I do. Ask yourself, do you really need it? And why can you not let go? After reading pages and pages of status updates how do you truly feel. If your anxious, annoyed and frustrated then maybe social media isn't for you. I'm starting to wonder if that's the situation I'm in. Maybe avoidance is for the best.

The Truth...

The best part about all of this? I’m going to post this to a blog online… see still addicted even though I’m completely frustrated with the system. I’m going to post it because today my life sucked. Yes I know it could be worse, and my problems are trivial. No, I don’t want your support or “likes” or phone calls to see if I’m okay. I just simply want the world to know today my life sucked. The End.

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    • gamerjimmy23 profile image

      Jimmy Gent 4 years ago from California

      Too funny because this is so true. When I was younger I definitely had a more idealistic outlook on life and what I had to do to get ahead. Now that I am older, however, I have grown to accept the reality of life and consequently lowered the bar of what I expect of myself and others. To say the least, I am much happier now. ; )