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Soul Sister Suzie

Updated on September 18, 2014
Property of Sue
Property of Sue

Suzanne Michelle

Suzanne and I formed our friendship many moons ago,

Under a site that we were both members of, we became

Zealous with excitement getting to know each other

And we have remained friends through thick and thin,

Never a day passes that we don't think of each other,

Neither of us has ever met in real life.

Each of us hopes to one day.

Mother of the year is the award she should get,

In love with her angels whom she is so proud of.

Cute as a button are her frequent pictures that she shares.

Heck I know my SS will always be there.

Ever dependable with a smile and shoulder,

Laughing is what we do best and often.

Loving and caring she will always be,

Ever so grateful I am for my soul sister Suzanne Michelle.

Katy Perry - Birthday

Suzie and Sunshine...

What I've learned from Suzie in the past five years is that true friendship is felt through the heart, not seen through the eyes.

We may be far in distance but we're always close in thought.

We have a way of getting each other through rough patches with a poke or a joke!

Suzie's two daughters, her angels are young while my two daughters are older and married. She reminds me of where I was and I keep her informed of where she's headed.

Suzie lives in Canada and I live in Florida. We both detest cold weather and love the sunshine! She might want to consider moving down south and become a Floridian! Just a thought.

I've learned what a ginch is due to Suzie being a Canadian. Don't get your ginches in a wad, google it and you will know too.

We appreciate the same type of music and share music videos on Facebook with the intentions of rocking each others world! At one time we were Farmville and Cityville buddies...we always knew where to go when we needed a mystery gift or someone to supply our new franchise.

We did came close to meeting when she was almost in a bridal party in Florida. The wedding plans fizzled, but our friendship continues to sizzle!

I strongly believe people come into our lives at a certain time for a reason. We will only notice their presence if we have our eyes and hearts open.

We will always cherish and appreciate the friendship we have formed over the years.

We are women on a mission. Suzie, along with me and our Tazzie Devil Glyn from Australia intend to win the lottery and all meet in Hawaii. We are counting on the Canadian, Australian and American lottery systems to help make this dream come true!

The three of us have been pen pals for over 5 years. Unfortunately cancer brought us together.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. No matter if your friend lives in your computer or around the corner from your house, never take friends for granted.

Just like any relationship, friendship is a two way street. In order to have a friend, you must be a friend. Sunshine and Suzie are aware of this, are you?

You rock, soul sister!
I hope this is your best birthday yet!
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Our Song ....

Do you have a pen pal that you wish you could meet one day?

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© 2011 Linda Bilyeu


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