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Soul mates, how do you know?

Updated on September 14, 2014

Do we have soul mates?

Depending on where you are spiritually the existent of soul mates and the thoughts about them vary. Many people are suggesting that there are no such thing as a higher or a certain connection between two people that have never met, or that fate exist.

I am of the absolute opinion that everyone has to decide for themselves where their mind is and what is important to them.

I do believe in the presence of a soul mate. I haven't been so for my whole life, I have and still am in search for my true belief and purpose. But a few years back, I at least decided that there had to be someone that would be suited well as my partner. The common sentence on "There is someone for everyone" was what I put my faith in.

When you go through the search for a suiting lover, good friends, business partners or any kind of relationships in your life, you will realize that there are people that you connect with instantly and those who you just dislike or can't get along with ever.

Why is that so, that with one person you have never met before it can feel like you've known each other your whole life, while with some of your childhood friends you never feel that way? It must be connected on a deeper level of our spirit, that's what I think!

I have found my soul mate!

I would not call myself a very social person. Don't be mistaken, I do like to meet knew people, have discussions and interact with many different personalities. What differs me from what I call a social person is the amount of friends and people around me. I have met a lot of people in my days, both through business, private and in dating, but the persons that are today my friends are a small amount of people that I have picked up along the way. A good relationship, on every level, should be easy and unconditional if I shall make it a close one, therefor the people still left are rare, but true.

Friendships are limited, and you connect on many levels but not on all. With a soul mate I would say that we connect on every level of our being.

I have found my soul mate, if there is one it has to be, and I have never before felt so complete as I do now. From the moment we met, it has been so right and so easy, and most of all I have never felt any doubt that these feelings are mutual. It totally feels like a cliche to say that it was meant to be, but that is what it feels like.

I have a strong, non religious, spiritual belief and have had some predictions given to me in my earlier days of searching for my path, and was told about this meeting a long time before it happened. But it wasn't until I did quit the search for it and just let life lead me on the right path that I found it. Not the way expected, that's for sure!

Do you believe in soul mates?

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How do you know?

How to know if the one you found is your soul mate? Look inside yourself, you will know it when it happens and not wonder about it.

May you all be happy!


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    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 5 years ago from Tennessee

      What a beautiful write! With much 'soul' searching and truth. Voted up, beautiful, interesting and shared...

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Soul mates are worth searching for, but I agree, it is the letting go, and pondering what the universe has to offer. Mine found me!

    • Mellonyy profile image

      Mellonyy 5 years ago

      ..." But it wasn't until I did quit the search for it and just let life lead me on the right path that I found it. "

      There is no guaranty we'll meet our soulmate, but what we can do is just you wrote above. Thanks for sharing! Great hub!