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Soulmates: Love on a Higher Level?

Updated on June 3, 2019

Indeed, love itself is a breathtaking feeling that enchants every human being differently. However, soulmates go one step further — a connection that is described by many people who were allowed to experience it as something magical and supernatural.

At the core of this is the assumption that two halves fit perfectly with each other and thus are incomplete on their own. That’s precisely why it should work.

How Can We Recognise Our Soulmate?

Recognising a soulmate — as a process, begins at the very first meeting, although it often causes more confusion than giving a clear answer.

Because you have usually never felt such a connection to a person before, everything is a bit too fast — it’s like you’ve always known your counterpart and vice versa.

This feeling makes you vulnerable to a degree because it acts as if the other person can look deep into your soul. However, blindly understanding one another is certainly unfamiliar to most people.

But with this unique intimacy that exists between you two from the beginning, it will soon be clear that he or she is the one! There is no list where you can check off individual points to see if you have found your match.

On the contrary, your feelings will show it to you. A look at the past also helps with the classification, because much of what you have felt earlier will now seem trivial and insignificant. A soulmate is a feeling that is on an entirely different level and therefore, not comparable.

After the initial confusion — and often disbelief, only positive emotions arise; Fear or insecurity have no place in such a relationship. To your soulmate, you can be as you are and reveal your inner self.

Besides, you lose the fear of losing this particular person — since soulmates rest on deep and unwavering confidence. You know this is for eternity because you share the same basic settings.

Soulmate Characteristics

The perhaps most prominent characteristic is the feeling that you have always known each other.

Somehow, through your love, you know or sense what your soulmate thinks and feels. Nevertheless, soulmates will always have a subject of conversation. Time and space seem to merge when you are together.

Above all, who was allowed to lead a loving relationship before, will quickly notice that with a soulmate, everything is a bit more intense.

Intimacy also plays an important role, although this has nothing to do with physical attraction — rather in a figurative sense, the souls of two people who have long belonged together. Forcing an affinity is not possible.

Usually, we cross path if we don’t search for it. Especially in the initial time of falling in love, the emotions run carousel and are so intense that they can easily be confused with a soulmate. However, soulmates are only people who not only fit together well but perfect.

As with love, the feeling of soulmates is an individual one. No core feature characterises an intimate relationship, but soulmates connect and are literally on the same wavelength. There is this strange feeling of absolute familiarity.

None of the soulmates can explain where it comes from; it’s directly there and doesn’t have to develop gradually.

Is A Soulmate Relationship Possible Outside Of A Love Relationship?

Many wonder if a soulmate relationship is always associated with a love relationship. There is no explicit answer to the question. However, this kind of relationship should not be put in a drawer either. Because whether or not we see our soulmate as a lover is irrelevant.

If you have found it in your best friend, you are fortunate to have found your mate! But as well as the soulmate, the relationship develops by itself, without having to work hard.

A One-Sided Soulmate Relationship?

A soulmate relationship always includes two souls and thus, two people. Also, in a relationship, it’s two hearts that beat. So it is, of course, conceivable that you have quickly recognised the individual connection of your souls, but your counterpart is still confused by the first encounters.

However, this is only a temporary condition, as you approach each other step by step and allow love. A permanently one-sided soulmate relationship goes hand in hand with suffering, imperfection and longing.

It is more likely that we have not recognised our soulmate, but have projected our desires onto another person whom we feel close to. Unfortunately, as I said, there is no magic recipe for finding your soulmate — instead, you can find each other.

Therefore, at this point, a warning: Don’t over-romanticise an encounter that means much more to you than your contact. Beware of getting into emotional dependence with someone who turns away from you and withdraws.

Unfortunately, it is also possible that withdrawal is what has kindled your fire, and you are getting into a demand-withdrawal dynamic that does not do you any good.

The Soulmate Relationship, A High Of All Feelings

It is not easy to explain what a soulmate relationship involves. Especially given the fact that such a deep connection is always individual, consensus can’t be found here.

But even more important is that the nature of the bond forever remains to some extent, mysterious and challenging to understand.

Because the feelings are beyond the mind and no matter how hard you try to explain them — there is probably no definitive answer to the question, what is a soulmate?

And that’s just as well. For a soulmate relationship must be felt and not defined.

© 2019 Danyel


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