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Six Tips That Make Your Speed Dating Experience More Fun

Updated on July 15, 2012

What you should know before you get there

If you are thinking about attending a speed dating event, you should definitely have a sense of humor. Don't be afraid to have fun. Here are six tips and some additional advice to follow if you want to get the most out of your speed dating experience.

1. Relax. Remember Speed Dating is for entertainment. If you meet someone you like and they like you back, great. If not, just enjoy being out. The whole idea is that you can be selective as you like. There are no obligations.

2. Bring a friend of the opposite sex. This way you can have a break, so to speak, during the session. You can talk about what is going on, in case you cant wait to spill the beans.

3. Be yourself. Don't fabricate yourself. The whole point of speed dating is to meet a perfect match. If you are embellishing your accomplishments or personality, believe me you will only be disappointing yourself in the long run!

4. Have a drink. If you like cocktails, get one. This will help to get the conversation started.. just be careful not to have one too many!

5. Ask questions that will uncover who a person really is and if you'd be compatible. Find out about if they like pets, their travel patterns/ intentions, if live with a room mate (or mom & dad), have or want children... these are all good question to ask on a speed date.

6. Dress Appropriately. Men too. Coming to a speed date over dressed can make you a bit uncomfortable, the same applies for the underdressed. Ask about a dress code when you sign up, if you're not sure.

Also Remember:

These are some of the main things to keep in mind. If you are outgoing, upbeat, adventurous, and/or social, you should be fine. Don't be rude and don't expect anything, but to have a good time.

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Speed dating is not for desperate singles. Speed dating should be an experience that you look at as a privilege. Many don't have the courage to speed date. Many don't have the personality. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to meet people. Don't be afraid to choose people outside of your "typical dating norm" or "type". Apparently, men/women who are your type have not been working out (you are single, right?) so try something new.

Go in with an open mind, and leave the rest up to fate. Good Luck.

Before you participate in an event, ask the host questions on what to expect.

Be sure to have gum or mints on hand

Do not be loud or draw attention to yourself, this is very unattractive in speed dating.

Work on active listening and take notes. You will meet many singles in a short period of time. You will definitely want to take important notes about the ones who you like. By doing this, if you get a match you have something to jog your memory about who your match was.


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