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Spoon Fed Love

Updated on May 18, 2009

Helping to Set the Mood with Food

Welcome!  Every romance has it share of highlights and many of them revolve around food.  Join me on this odyssey of aphrodisiac adventures and chime in at anytime with your own creative ways you've used food as a way to your man, or woman's heart!

Aphrodisiacs are an Art Form

Aphrodisiacs have been touted throughout history as substances thought to enhance or promote romantic desire and sexual performance. The name Aphrodisia comes from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of sensuality. The use of aphrodisiacs appear in every culture around the world from the Tibetan ginseng to the African Yohimbe.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the use of aphrodisiacs as science can't begin to see the correlation between romance and sensual stimuli. Controversy aside, if you take a realistic look at the results of certain substances you will see how those substances can enhance and heighten your all ready established romantic or sensual attraction.

Chocolate induces "feel good" chemicals that are released in the brain, increasing a happy mood. Of course you are going to feel sexier when you feel good. Spicy foods raise your blood pressure and create heat which is also excellent sexual enhancement inducers. You get the idea. Certain ingredients create certain enhancing effects and that can be a powerful tool when it comes to matters of creating, sustaining, and deepening romantic pursuits!

I must mention that nothing replaces pursuing a healthy lifestyle of rest, exercise, and eating right for the highest vitality. This book assumes you all ready know that good health is paramount for a healthy sensual life. With that said we can begin to look at additional enhancements for the pleasure of yourself and your lover(s).

The true art form of using aphrodisiacs is to encompass all your senses. Chocolate covered strawberries are a wonderful aphrodisiac on there own, but add sensual smelling candles, soft music, and a comfortably heated environment and your on the way to total seduction!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of Spoon Fed Love where we'll talk about specific aphrodisiacs, recipes, adventures and more!


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    • profile image

      Oktaviana 3 years ago

      Mr. Graham,I enjoyed your book very much. Of crsoue I would have liked to have read more about the 219th and IIFFVN at Long Binh. I was in the Imagery section 1969-1970, and spent most of my time taking photos with a hand-held from the back seat of a Bird Dog, taking my reports to the TOC. We followed up on other intelligence and went all over including many missions in Cambodia.Keep writing, please.

    • profile image

      Gabriel 3 years ago

      Dick-Finally had the good sense to read your book and absolutely loved it. Being a telirbre reader, I read mainly non-fiction, and this was the first novel in a long time. Loved your character development, plot twists, similes, etc. Was curious how many characters, situations, locations, etc. were from actual experience. Jim Webb likes to mention how few Ivy Leaguers went to Viet Nam, so your service and that of a few classmates deserves special recognition.Assume you're retired and the proud bearer of a single digit handicap. I'd love to meet you for lunch or whatever if you're still in the DC area.Tad