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Springtime Means Romance

Updated on May 8, 2007

Spring is in the air, and the last thing you want is for your partner to think before your next date night is, ‘Dinner and a movie, again?' Don't get stuck in a rut with your dates; keep things fun and interesting by being creative!

Be adventurous - do something unexpected and wild, romantic and make it memorable. Plan out of the ordinary outings that will make you want to brag to your friends about how romantic you are! Adapt them to your personalities and you might even be inspired to come up with a few of your own ideas.

  • Watching the sun set together is a common romantic idea, but what about planning an early morning drive to a beautiful outdoor spot to watch the sun rise? Hills, mountains and beaches provide wonderful sunrise views. Pre plan by taking a drive a few days before the ‘date' and hopefully finding a good spot that has a place to prepare a campfire. Bring a picnic breakfast that is pre-cooked or cook it over a campfire. If those options are not available perhaps find a fast food place or restaurant that is open early nearby that you can pick up a pre-ordered picnic breakfast at and have along something to keep it wrapped up and hot.
  • Pack a cooler filled with beverages and snacks, a map, and some walking shoes and go on a weekend road trip to visit unusual roadside attractions in your area. is a great site for finding all kinds of odd museums, monuments and interesting spots that may have been right near you for years and you did not know! Don't forget to bring a camera - you won't want to be without one when you come across such gems as Miniature Golf in a Funeral Home, the Sock Monkey Museum or the Cathedral of Junk.
  • If you know another couple or two who like to join in on the fun, plan a scavenger hunt. Give each ‘team' a phone book, everyone bring a camera, a notebook & pen, a map, and a list of things for everyone to find or collect. To keep it interesting and fair, you should have a non-participating person come up with the list. Each item on your list can have a different point values depending upon difficulty; for example, a game token from a movie theater might be worth one point while a picture of both team members sitting on a child's ride outside a grocery store is worth five. This could take a whole day, overnight or even an entire weekend. It's up to you and your friends!
  • Get in the car and drive to an area or nearby county you've never gone to before. This is a great way to get to know your area; take a road you've never been down and see where you end up. You might get lucky and find an awesome great scenic drive or a breathtaking view. Make sure you have a map to mark where you are and a full tank of gas so you'll be able to get back home easily!
  • Search the internet for information on activities and places to visit in your area. Chances are you'll find there are many things you never even knew about that that you can turn into several creative outings. Antiquing, canoeing, skiing, and horseback riding are just a few ideas of the kinds of fun things you might find to get yourself into.
  • Gather up some seeds, shovels and hoes and plant a community garden together with your neighbors or with new friends in an urban area near you, or do it as an act of charity for a family in need. It will be really special to come back to the garden and see how everything you planted has grown!
  • On a clear night, plan on having a picnic somewhere that you will have a clear view of the stars. Bring a book of constellations, and a flash light to read the book by, and find them in the sky together. Enjoy some chocolates and a bottle of wine or champagne, and snuggle in a blanket together so you'll stay warm and cozy.
  • Take a class together such as photography, a craft or cooking. Most community colleges or local community centers have what are often called ‘adult education' courses where you can learn a fun new hobby that may even turn into a serious passion.You will have a great time learning a new skill or finding a talent and learning more about your partner.


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    • profile image

      Romatic Beach Vacation 9 years ago

      my suggestion is a romantic beach vacation ... but that just me im a "ocean kind of person" ... heheh

    • AskSusanPeters profile image

      AskSusanPeters 10 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great suggestions!

      Susan Peters