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Stained Glass Windows To Love.

Updated on October 13, 2009

Stained glass vessel of life


My heart is spun of stained glass

patched and leaded many times

to hold the many colors of passion

that were once strong,

but now are faded.

It has seen church windows

reflecting the joining of

two perfectly matched colors

that brighten others lives.

 It has been shattered many times

only to be lovingly repaired

There is always room for more

intricately fitted pieces to be added

the gleam of a girls cornflower blue eyes,

the rounded edges of ruby lipped kisses

and the golden streams of tresses

draped in the warm sun of love burnished,

and polished by the heat of passion's flames.

The cathedral of my heart is full of

memories that lie colored

by the stain glass patterns

life has woven in the walls around

my fragile vessel of life.


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