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Statuses About Love

Updated on January 12, 2020
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Funny, beautiful, strange, and sad statuses about love, about loved ones, relations between lovers. Only the best and newest statuses about love for you.

  1. The boy gave the girl 101 roses (100 real and one artificial one) and said, "I will love you until the last withers!"
  2. Saying "love" is complicated. Saying "sorry" is even harder. Saying goodbye is always possible. Say "leave" - ​​at least every day. Say "come back" - not everyone can. Say "die" - but say. Say "love" - ​​of course. You can. But it's tough to prove
  3. How terrible it becomes to live when a person appears who you are afraid to lose
  4. I love it when you say to little children: show how you love me, and they hug you with all the strength and sincerity - Statuses about love
  5. I will give fidelity to my husband, mind to my son, beauty to my daughter, love to my family
  6. Now that I met him, I understood why it did not work with others.
  7. When a loved one rings, I want to kiss the phone
  8. Happiness is not in those with whom you want to sleep. But in those with whom you want to wake up!
  9. If you love, then with all your heart. If you dissolve, then without a trace. If morning, then in a gentle embrace. If you cry, then from happiness
  10. I will take a ball of gold threads and weave you, love. I will happy for you, create joy and affection. And where do I get these threads I will never tell you! I create your life dissolving my
  11. Women are like cats. Who caresses them, to that they purr
  12. Friendship is love minus sex and plus logic
  13. Love is friendship plus sex and minus logic
  14. They sought and idolized love; they lost respect and did not cherish. "Love does not exist!" - people said. And they themselves were dying of love
  15. -And your eyes are similar. -Than? After all, I have brown, and he has green -They are equally in love
  16. Life is too short of having a brief relationship
  17. You have friends with him, but you don't write to him, you don't draw on the wall. You look at his photo and think: how much I love you
  18. Love is when the whole world is not able to replace a loved one, and he returns the entire world. thirty
  19. Searching. Loading. 25% ... 50% ... 100% Done! You have been successfully recorded in MY HEART! eleven
  20. Everything annoys me! - What exactly? - Is he! - Why do you say "everything"? - Because he is everything to me!
  21. Beloved, you are the dearest person in my life, and only with you, I am truly happy
  22. People who see each other in a dream should wake up nearby. 29th
  23. Love is. When you change the world into a circle of yourself for it! When you want to belong in soul and body to only one person! It is when you say to your head - goodbye and begin to live in your heart!
  24. But it's nice like that, just think about a person and he immediately calls or writes to you because he feels.
  25. I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you. I found out at dawn yesterday! Grateful to you, thankful to fate! I experienced the excellent power of love
  26. Autumn is a time of suffering. Winter is a time of longing. Spring is a time of recognition. Summer is the time of love!
  27. Near you, I understand that there is happiness when you are here.
  28. When reading the status of a person dear to you, you always want it to be written specifically about you.
  29. Now in my life, there is one person for whose sake I'll wake up at any time of the night.
  30. Maybe I'm not the ideal person, but I love you with all my heart
  31. I love you. And the fact that on the left in my chest is pounding, it's yours. All. Completely. Whole.
  32. Chocolate flakes aren't as sweet as his kisses
  33. We do not fall in love with the ideal. We idealize the one we fall in love
  34. Love is not complicated. The main thing is to find a person who needs it.
  35. Love is when you give the last piece of chocolate, and you do not mind a bit.
  36. Trust your loved ones. It is so important. Because without trust there is no love
  37. Flowers should be without reason. Happiness must be real. The house is warm. Love must be mutual. Weather, but no matter what the weather!
  38. Love is when you make an appointment at noon, but you come half an hour earlier, and he’s already there
  39. But it’s nice like that, just think about a person and he immediately calls or writes to you because he feels.
  40. I can’t live without you. I don’t want to live without you. I found out at dawn yesterday! Grateful to you, thankful to fate! I experienced the excellent power of love
  41. Love cannot dominate people, but it can change them
  42. What do you think, if true love - will he come back? -If true love - he will not leave
  43. Do not fall in love from an early age; from love, there are no pills!
  44. And dozens of those who want your body are not worth the little finger of the one who loved your soul.


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