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Stories and Ideas for Marriage Proposals

Updated on November 30, 2009

Ready to Tie The Knot

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the carriage." Wait they forgot a part. You have to propose in there somewhere. Proposing to your girlfriend is the most important question you will ask her. So of course you want to do it right and make it very special.  Like every woman, every proposal is different. The night you propose to her ought to be the most romantic night of her life. Make her feel like a princess. Make it feel like you are the only two people on earth. After all, that's the basic premise of marriage. Keep in mind that she has been thinking about this day since she was a little girl playing dress up. Make your proposal special to your relationship with her.

To this day wine and roses are the simple elegance of tradition. However not all women like wine or even roses. If you are getting ready to propose to your girlfriend, you should know her well enough to understand what she likes and doesn't like. Some women are 'Check me out' Some are quiet and don't want to be in the spot light. When you are planning on proposing keep this in mind. If she's quiet and reserved don't propose to her in front of 20,000 people at a basketball game. If she likes to be the center of attention the ball game might be a good idea (if she likes ball games). Think about the woman you love, find a way to tell her she is the most important person and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Do this in a way that is intimate, unique and unforgettable.

O.K. Your ready to do it. Ask her to marry you. Take the plunge. Tie the knot. Jump the broom. But how do you ask, you wonder? There are thousands of ways to propose. In the following are some great stories of past proposals. Take the story and make it your own. Be creative and keep your loves likes and dislikes in mind while planning.

Stories of Proposals

A Book Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Written by: J.T.

My girlfriend loved Dr. Seuss ever since she was a child. So I wrote a story in the style of Dr. Seuss called “The Story of You. The Story of Me. We Got Together and became WE!” It told the the story of how we met and our years together. The last page said: “Then he said with a smile as he got down on one knee, I Love you, Darling. Will you marry me?” Then I had a friend who is an excellent artist/cartoonist draw some pictures like Dr. Seuss to go with it. A little photoshop action and Kinkos to bind it together and I had a decent facsimile book which I gave her as a Christmas present wrapped with other real Dr. Seuss books. We were with our families and she read it out loud and when she got to the proposal I had the ring.

Vegas Bound

Written by: Sneha

My now husband then boyfriend Nick flew from Houston to Los Angeles and surprised me at 5 in the morning and then took me for a romantic breakfast all the way to Vegas. We reached the Venetian at about 12:00 .. and surprisingly had a room booked, Nick asked me to go freshen up.. I knew something was fishy but couldn't tell.. when I came downstairs he took me to the gondola ride area.. everyone there already knew what was going to happen... I sat in the gondola ride and the rider began to row.. he started singing these romantic songs in some language that I didn't understand.. and then suddenly Nick stood up. I thought he was taking a picture but he went down on his knees and asked me to marry him with the most perfect engagement ring.. I said yes and everyone started clapping and screaming.. wow I was actually crying. Our gondola was passing under a fake Rialto bridge..he promised to take me to the real one and he did, he took me for my honeymoon to Venice. We just celebrated our 1 yr wedding anniversary... I love him.


Written by: Michael Grady

I love to buy my wife a little gift every now and then nothing too big and wowing but, something that would catch the heart. Since Christmas was just a few days ago, I thought she wouldn’t be expecting anything so, I went out and bought a new necklace to match her new pendant I gave her in her stocking.

I went in our bedroom and opened her jewelry box and placed the necklace next to the pendant. Then I saw a cigar band, and I smiled remembering the day I gave it to her.

I took off of work early to surprise her by bringing flowers to her work. As I got to her floor all of her co-workers already knew I was coming and stood and looked over their cubes watching as I walked toward her.

I stood at her doorway and said what would you say if I told you that I have fallen in love with you. She turned seen the flowers and started crying tears of joy and smiled. Then she said, “If you’re in love with me, I guess I’m going to have to marry you.”

I smiled and remembered that I bought a cigar that day to celebrate a promotion I received at work. I reached in and slid the band off and got on one knee. As I did, the “AWWW’s” and “Oh My God’s” echoed off the walls and her eyes got very big. I looked at her and said, “From the first day I saw you, I knew you were the one. So I decided to get close to you and get to know you as much as I could. Here one and a half years later I want you to be the one I spend the rest of all of eternity with. Lisa you are my soul mate and I believe we were meant for each other, Lisa will you be my wife?”

She started crying, and then she said yes and I slid the cigar band on her finger, and it fit as if, it was meant for her finger. As I got off my knee to hug my new finance, the cheers of happiness and joy seemed to flow through the entire building. I then pick her up in my arms and carried her to the elevator, yes just like in officer and a gentleman, which is one of her favorite movies I might add.

I then heard her call my name from the kitchen which made me snap back to reality, I smiled and closed the box and went to my wife and gave her a kiss and told her that I love her more than she would ever know!


Written by: Anonymous

Before my husband and I were married, we dated long distance.  One weekend I took a Friday off work and drove up Thursday night to spend the weekend with my honey.

We are both teachers, and he told me to come to his school on Friday and have lunch with him since he had to work.  Right at the beginning of lunch, he got a call on his radio to come outside and help with lunch duty.

As we walked outside toward his middle school students, we saw a bunch of them in a line with their backs to us, and I had no idea what they were doing.

When we got out to the field, his 6th graders all turned around and were holding big signs in front of them.  The first thing I saw was that it spelled out my name, and I wasn't quite sure why... then I read the rest of it, and it said, "Will you marry me?"  Right there in front of the whole school, he then got down on his knee and told me he couldn't live without me and put a beautiful ring on my finger.

After that I found out he had taken the rest of the day off, and he took me to a nearby park to have a romantic picnic lunch with wine and cheese and all that good stuff.  It's been a wonderful and amazing few years of marriage since then.

Christmas in July

Written by: Roger

At the time that I proposed to my now wife I was living in a house a few blocks away from her place of work. My girlfriend loved white Christmas lights because they are so romantic…so I put white lights on the trees in my front yard and on the house. I also put balloons and streamers around the windows and hanging off the trees. I had a large wooden sign made that said: “Helen, Will You Marry Me?”. I erected that on my front lawn and placed a strobe light in front of it so it could easily be seen in the dark. That night when my girlfriend got off work I was going to pick her up and bring her back to my place for dinner and movie. I showed up at her work and walked with her back to my house, where all the lights were on and the proposal sign was lit up. The look on her face when she walked into my driveway was priceless! I got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of my pocket and the rest is history. The local newspapers caught wind of my proposal and came by to take pictures the next day and write a story about it…talk about creating an unforgettable memory!


Written by: Rob Brouillard

Corrina and I have been planning the wedding for a while, but I wanted to surprise her with my proposal. I had asked her dad for permission to marry her over Thanksgiving weekend, so her parents knew  something was in the works, but I asked them to keep it a secret.

My plan was to propose to her on Christmas Eve, but I kept hinting the proposal would come on Valentine's Day, to throw her off the scent. I had told her sister that I would do it during the white elephant gift exchange in front of 30 members of her family. I changed my mind, told her sister that I was going to do it on Valentine's Day to throw HER off the scent also, then told the sister's husband (Steve) that I WAS going to do it so he could videotape the event. He was the only one who knew.

I wanted to do something to along with Corrina's wedding Princess theme so I wrote a fairy tale for her using powerpoint. We went to Boise, Idaho for Christmas, and had the white elephant gift exchange Christmas Eve with about 30 people. It was great fun.

Earlier in the day I had put a glass slipper ornament with the wedding ring inside of it in the tree, hidden from view. I had also wrapped the book with a letter to myself from "St. Nick" and another letter to myself from "St. Valentine."

After the gift exchange, I had asked her niece Marissa to bring the book out of hiding. I had arranged this earlier in the evening. I had attached a note to myself from “St. Nick,” stating that a 100 gallon fish tank was too big for me to bring back home, so he got me a book instead.

I opened it up and read it aloud to the entire family. The general story was that the prince (me) met the princess, fell in love, but needed to present her with a ring and glass slipper to win her hand in marriage. The prince had found the ring, but the slipper was in the land of St Valentine, which may take a while to find. The End.

The ending was a supposed to be a cliffhanger, and it was, because I had surprised everyone there, except Steve, whom I had told so he could videotape the event.

After the story, and a minute or so went by, Steve pulled out a letter from “St. Valentine,”
instructing me to look in the tree to complete my journey. I pulled out the slipper, dropped on my knee, and to the delight of the entire family,  proposed to my love.

She was very, very surprised, a little embarrassed, and happily accepted.


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