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Struggling Relationship

Updated on September 15, 2015

Making Up

You look at me as though you might leave.

We made a knot,

That did not hold.

I walk a path beside you,

it is out of my way and hard to follow.

It breaks my heart in many ways.

How our light is spent;

However it goes it goes.

We brace ourselves for destruction.

Our eyes watched clean in disbelief,

Like creatures,

Of a floating world.

Breathe a prayer sweetheart,

Open your wings to the wind.

Pull in the shadows around you.

No mortal eye can see,

The solitude of the heart,

Stirring and urging us on.

Without words we exist.

Your face is in my face,

Full of distance.

I've made a deliberate decision,

To make peace.

We got lost and now,

We must find each other.

Each mending what the other has broken.

By words that penetrate,

Like nightmares.


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