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Updated on September 24, 2014

My aim is to address this one problem which Women all over the world face and based on my experience because i have visited so many places, countries and have interacted with different people from different works of life, i can equate accurately that Men are the same thing everywhere in the World.

Men will always be Men and Women will always be Women. It doesn't matter where one come from, what colour one is, Educational or Religious background. Human beings are the same everywhere, we might all bear different names and practise different cultures but WOMEN are treated just the same way by Men.

Some are Loved

Some are bullied

Violence against Women comes in different forms. And it crosses every Race, Religion and Class. From Domestic abuse to rape and this breaks Women down. Therefore,psychologically torturing a woman is an abuse to her fundamental right and not only does it threaten their health, it also affect their social and economic well being. And Women out of so many reasons get stuck in abusive relationship one of which is INSECURITY.

Most Women find it very difficult to leave their abusive partners because some of them develop fear of reproach while some have this belief that their partners are their gods. Therefore remain emotionally crippled and stuck instead of free. Women generally has a sub conscious mind which makes them weak in every sense and are bullied by dominant MALES .

Is it proper for a man to hit a woman

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Bullying a woman by a man comes in two forms. CHEATING AND INTIMIDATING.

Nothing justifies cheating one's partner and generally Men all over the world cheat. I can boldly say that Nine out of every married man cheats on his wife and eight of this nine does it as a way of life while just one percent does it by chance and this is where WOMEN becomes weak. I am not saying that Women doesn't have their own problem but my point in this hub is about VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

I am an Advocate of Right for gender equality and protection for women especially in Africa where Women are treated as nothing by most Men.


Martha’s dream is for her relationship with Fred her long time boy friend to flourish but his attitude and unfaithfulness leaves her dejected all the time but after countless of abuses she decides to terminate the relationship by all means and finds herself left with two options, to either terminate it or remain stuck in it.

(My short film in which i addressed why most women get stuck in an abusive relationship)


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