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Great Romantic Day Out With Your Girl Date Planning Ideas and Tips

Updated on December 28, 2012

With Valentines Day right around the corner, gifts this year can be very hard to find, or think of. There are a lot of ideas, and a lot of different routes you could take, to include being very romantic, or being funny. This is not a total list, nor is it inclusive, it is just a idea of a good Valentines Day date. You will know if your girl will like this idea or not, and if she does, then by all means, take full advantage of these, and custom tailor them to your girl. Perhaps her favorite color is yellow. Pick things that reflect her interests and she will know that you truly care.

Tips for a Day Out

Typically, if your going out on a date, dinner is usually expected. For this day though, plan a special lunch as well. Either pick a place you know she will love, or if money is tight this year, as it is for most, make a lunch of simple hand foods such as sandwiches, chips, chocolate covered fruit, and bring a light dessert. Take her to a special location that you both share, or take her to a local park or the beach. This is the all important pre-activity date meal. If you are bringing flowers, roses are common with love and romance. But if your woman likes other flowers, get her those. Roses are great, they are classic, they are timeless. but your not classic, nor is your woman. Try to get her flowers with her favorite color on them, or if you cant find that or you just don't know that either, why not try stargazer Lillys? they are beautiful, and have a wonderful aroma that will fill most rooms. Make sure to bring some stuff to do at the park or beach, or bring clothes to play in the water if it is warm enough. If at a park, possible ideas include common yard games, such as croquet, badminton, Frisbee, or just a leisurely stroll or bike ride on some of the paths. If you are adventurous and outgoing, possibly even hiking and camping. For those not as outdoorsy, possibly doing a ropes course or playing paintball together is a great way to have fun. If not into the outdoors as much, then a couples massage is a must do for any Valentines Day date. Couples massages allow you and your special someone to receive a wonderfully relaxing massage of each persons choice together, and usually for some sort of discount. If movies are chosen, then make sure to pick something your girl would like. Romantic comedy's usually are the ticket, but depending on your woman, you might know better. Bowling is another fun, semi inexpensive thing to do for Valentines Day, as most people might not bowl on a regular basis. Skating is another fun thing to do, expecially if one of you doesnt know how. Teaching the other, laughing, learning, and falling together can bring you great joy and closeness. Most large citys have Family Fun Centers, or basically small amusement parks usually with putt putt golf, go-karts, arcades, and more. Large centers can usually have things such as waterboats, lasertag, skating, movie theators, ball pits, and more. They can be a great way to spend a afternoon with that special someone, and if the center is large enough, can be a convient way to do multiple things in one location. Horseback riding out in the country or on the beach is almost a sure fun activity, provided your special someone isn't afraid of large animals. One of the drawbacks to horseback riding is that not all places have it, and sometimes it is hard to find places locally that offer horseback riding.

Dinner Out

Dinner is probably one of the most important times of day for Valentines Day. this should be one of the more romantic times, a time for the both of you to get serious, and talk, and share, and just enjoy each others company, without any distractions. Dinner choices should be made based on what you both like, and sit down eating establishments should always be chosen over fast food, unless budgets, restaurant choice, or just culinary tastes decide otherwise. Choosing a new food type, such as Greek, German, or Thai, or some other form of food the both of you have always wanted to try is also a fun way to do dinner. If you chose the outdoor route, or you stay at home, make dinner, and set the ambiance. Cook a balanced 3 part meal (as in meat, veggie, and starch), and offer a pre-made dessert if out in nature. If you know how to play guitar or any instrument, sing or play her a self written song. As long as it is thoughtful and legal, you really cant go too wrong.


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