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Success Principle: Commitment

Updated on November 26, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.


We have heard the slogans like "Committed to quality, committed to customers". It speaks about commitment. Every walk of our life seeks commitment. When you enter into wedlock, you are committed to your spouse. When you join an organization, they seek your commitment. Students need to make a commitment to their school and hostel. They need to be committed to the rules and regulations. Business association requires commitment. Parents seek a commitment from their children. Society seeks commitment form the citizens. Rulers and presidents make their commitment to the country by taking an oath. We are living in a world where commitment is a necessity to survive.

Very often we found ourselves braking commitments. Braking commitment attracts unpleasant events. It is painful and no one desires it. But circumstances compel us to break the commitment. As we grow, our priorities and values change as per the situation. Then we need to replace our old commitments with new ones. When you enter into wedlock, you are making a new commitment. You can't continue your old relations and commitments. If you do so, it would make an adverse effect on your married life. You cannot please two partners at the same time. If you continue in multiple relations, you would have to pay the price. Your condition would be pathetic as none of them would trust or support you.

Better commitment means better relationship

In short, in order to have a healthy relationship, we need to live a committed life. Whether it is with your spouse or your children or your parents or business associates or your employer, you need to keep a committed life for maintaining a better relationship. You would not allow your child to live a life she/he pleases as long as you provide for them. You are looking for a commitment from them as you support and provide them whatever they want. If they misbehave, you would not be happy to continue in supporting them, even though they are your children. If your son becomes a drug addict and spending money on drugs, which will destroy them, then you stop giving him money.

It is true with us too. If we are not committed to the omnipotent, He won't be happy to provide for us. If your child disobeys, you limit your support to them. It is natural. In order to have a better relationship, you need to maintain a better commitment to God as well. If we are not committed to the employer, he won't be supporting you anymore. To have a better relationship, we need to have a better commitment.

Whether it is your spouse or your children or your parents or your colleague or the organization you work for or the society you live, seeks a commitment from you to have a better relationship. If you are not committed they'll avoid you. Maintaining a better relationship is the key to success. For that, you need to be a committed individual.

That is why companies say that they are "committed to customers", "committed to quality" etc. Companies are looking for a better relationship with their customers for repeated sales. If they sell poor quality products to the customers, as against the law of value for money, the relationship between the company and the customers would break. Customers would not return to such products or services.

In order to be successful in life, we need to maintain the relationship by fulfilling the commitments we made in our life. If you think you can be successful without being committed, you are living in a fools heaven. Every walk of our life needs commitment. That is the only way to success.

Longterm Commitment

There is a commitment which is short-term and longterm. Have you ever heard of the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none"? This saying is fitting to those people who spent their time in short-term commitments. When you start a business, you need to commit to it for at least 5 years. Then only you will see the results. If you start a blog, you need to commit to it for a long period. After 6 months, you may not see any traffic or monetary benefit from it. When I started with Hubpages, my first few months there, were no earnings. Then the earnings pick up momentum. Gradually it started to increase. Then after 13 months, I got my first payment. Many of those who started with me left hubpages after a few months. They said it is a waste of time and effort. They are right. Because short-term commitment is a waste of time and effort.

If you are committed to a short period of time, then it is a waste of time. After 6 months I started to get some social networking recognition, links, search engine placement and some traffic etc. It increased my earnings from cent to dollars. If I quit at that point, then the time spent on making hubs were a waste of time and effort. It is the same with any kind of business. Over a period of time, you will find some good customers. You will get some networking connections and recommendations, loyal customers and good business only if you are committed to your business for a long time.

It is same with the family life. Husbands and wives need to commit to each other for a long period. Then only they can lead a good family life. After a few years of my marriage, there surfaced some differences between us. Then I sit back and thought of getting out of the wedlock. When I put more thought into the problems, I understand that I cannot get out of the marriage as marriage is for a lifetime. (I believe Bible) It is a long-term commitment. The only way is to resolve the problem and live together happily. Then I started to understand her views and thoughts. We talk about it and resolved problems and differences one by one. God created one Eve for Adam. Not many. Understanding that truth will help you to make adjustments in your life and continue in your married life. We are now happier than any other couples around us.

Short term commitment is the reason for the increasing number of divorces in the world. We are living in a world where people live together for a short term and move on to another partner. It is hurting. Longterm commitment has its won benefits and joy.

If you change your commitment every 6 months, then after 5 years, you will have 10 types of experience which are of no monetary benefits to you. If you are committed to one project for a long time, you will develop your skills to a point where you will be making money through it. After 3 years with Hubpages, I am getting payouts very often. I learned a lot about SEO and other related things.

To the religious: Commitment

In order to live a fulfilling life, we need to live a life that is committed to our God. God is the provider. He is also looking for some commitment from us. To have a better relationship with God, you need to live a committed life. We cannot please men and God at the same time. We want to please men around us. We want to please our spouse, we want to please our neighbor, we want to please our boss, we want to please our kids. At the same time, we would struggle to please God.

When men come in between you and your God, you need to break the commitment either with God or with men to please the other. You need to know when to break your commitment to please the highest esteem. Is your God more important than your spouse? Then, in order to please God, you need to break the commitment with your spouse. Often we do the opposite. We want to please our spouse, relative or boss and we forget God as he is invisible. The end result would be the lack of support of God due to the broken relationship. He will limit his support and providence as an employer stop supporting an uncommitted employee.

You need to know when and where to break the commitment in order to please God. When you are breaking the commitment with the God, you are deceiving yourself. Go and look at the mirror. Speak to the guy in the glass. He will tell you, what is the cost of breaking the commitment with your God. You know the price. But often tempted to ignore it. By breaking the commitment with God, you are braking a relationship. To build a human relationship, you are breaking the heavenly relationship. Ask yourself, Is it worth breaking the commitment with God? What would be the price you have to pay for it? If God is with you, you can build a relationship with men easily. Do not worry about an earthly relationship. God will take care of it if you are faithful to God.

A successful life needs a better relationship and better commitment. Don't deceive yourself.

Success principle - Commitment.

Now, try to immerse in the water and stay there for a while.

Soon you will find that you are 100% committed to breathing.

You don't worry about motivating yourself to breathe. No excuses to breathe. You don't have to justify your desire to breathe.

Just breathe!!!

Commitment is action.

No debate. No excuses. No whining about how hard it is. No lengthy analysis. No worrying about what others might think. No cowardly delays. Just go. What if something gets in the way of your commitment? What would you do if someone tried to prevent you from breathing?

Now I hope you understand what is commitment. Commitment is taking action which you desperately needed. Without it, you won't exist. That means your possibility of existence is entirely dependent on your commitment.


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