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Marriage Bliss in Religious Context

Updated on June 9, 2020
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A very keen and enthusiastic biblical knowledge promoter, gospel apologist, a fighter in God's army, a defender of the Christian faith, and

Speaking from a Christian perspective I say marriages from a faith community are strongest, deeper and longer lasting because they go beyond the superficialities of life. What is shown to us by skinny models in magazines, newspapers, and they always shows the more beautiful (so-called) on television screens and they are not true beauty. True beauty comes from within, it's about intrinsic values, not external attraction. The Christiam marriage is based on a foundation of love and the real meaning of love is to give - of your time, your energy, yourself to the one you admire, adding meaning to someone elses life. It is and must if it is to survive, be based on nothing else but love, not because he is a Brad Pitt - hunk, or Angelina's beauty. True love cannot be dressed up, beacuse it comes from within, its intrinsic, not extrensic. When skin deep beauty fades, what you're left with are two people fighting everyday because they have nothing in common. After a night of passion, they realise they don't even like each other much, apart from the sex. Within days of marriage, they file for divorce. People in Hollywood, those labelled "cellebrities" have the highest rate of marriages and divorce. Your husband or wife should be the first person you make love to, that's God's way. On your honeymoon, you start the process of discovery and you find you are living on cloud nine. Satan tells you, you must have sex first, but after that sexual energy is spent, the animal beastlike desire waned, what do you have to look forward to? Apart from the fact you might pass on sexually transmitted desease, and you end up both losing respect for each other. When Prince Charles and Princess Dianna ended their marriage the world looks on Charles as a looser, because the Princess was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. How could Charles have left such a beautiful woman for Camila whose face looks like a horse backside? The British press one of the most critical in the world, labelled Camilla, as beastlike - having a face of an animal mostly "like a horse". Well you see friend, love for Charles was also blind to facial, bodily, external beauty, he saw something in Camilla that no one else saw. He saw a human creature, full of love and energy, beauty and grace, very desirable to behold. Some people will, ask, what do you see in him/her? They see the external, but you found something else, something deeper, its about the meeting and the marriage of the mind, soul and spirit, you get along despite the odds because you actually liked each other. You see, for years, Hollywood have been feeding the world with false images of beauty, and the fashion world takes up the mantra and extend it even further. You have to be a certain look and size and we called them super-model, and the most beautiful person, well how many most beautiful/sexy person can you have in the world? In God's eyes we are all beautiful, and beacuse we don't meet someone else vision of beauty will not change that, you are an original with likeable, lovable external and internal qualities yet to be discovered by the world. The Christian community teaches that you love someone because of who they are, it does not matter WHAT THEY HAVE or LOOKED LIKE, external beauty or appearances do not make a person! When true love finds you, it directs your steps towards the eden garden of true friendship and happiness, few people ever find it, but it's always there to be discovered. It comes straight from the heart, to his/her heart the target for your love and affection, then both your hearts will find a home in each other, a resting place in each others thoughts, and soul, your entire being is saturated with love, oh God, what a place to be? You've found your soul mate share funny moments together, exciting times filled with laughter and joy, it is heavenly friend. Take it from someone with twenty years of marriage behind him, not only do I give personal counselling to many youngsters in their teen years, but many grownups at marriage age and beyond, many already in marriage, some looking forward to it. I live it every day for these many years, and I still love my wife today as when we first met. When we start to appreciate people for who they are and not what they look like we are on the road to finding true happiess. The answers to the world ills lies in us discovering who we trully are and why we are here on planet earth. It is not just about us populating the earth with others that looks like us, but more like others who find us acting like they do in love. We truly are creatures with enormous potential, capable of great things, and when we found ourselves we will understand love and the seed of beauty will start to grow outward into someone else's heart. The world will truly be a better place for you and for me, and all our children will appreciate the value of true love for another human being. We have the potential to make the world a better place, the best baton we have to pass on to our kids, which can shape the future world and their generations is when we live in love to the end with our soul mate.


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