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Summer Cotton Wedding Gowns

Updated on November 22, 2010

Summer Wedding Gowns

If you are planning your wedding in the summer, consider a lightweight cotton bridal gown.  Made from cotton, the fabric will breathe, allowing you to sweat less and be more comfortable and confident on your special day!

Cotton Lightweight Gowns


Elegant Cotton

I found out about The Cotton Bride website while working with my wedding photographer. She has been photographing brides for over a decade and recommended that I look into a cotton dress for my summer wedding. I ended up with a silk dress, but I would just as easily consider a cotton dress if I did it all over again.

The Cotton Bride, which was created by designer Chris Kole, focuses on lightweight breathable gowns that are easy to move in. They are perfect for outdoor weddings. If you're getting married on the beach or under a tent outdoors, you'll be happy to know you won't have to sweat your way to the altar!

Designs are as elegant as winter gowns. They are usually embellished with Cotton Batiste, Cotton Pique, Sea Island Cotton and imported Cotton Laces. Sometimes, they will have light bead work as well.

Both Chris Kole and designer Morgan Boszilkov (who can be found on, create wedding gowns in an array of styles from A-Line and Ball Gowns to Short and Princess Gowns. They also mix in linen and silk with many of their designs. Morgan Boszilkov, also has a range of organic gowns, which are considered "green" or eco-friendly.  Apparently, the cotton is mixed with hemp.  I don't totally understand the process, or why they would be more eco-friendly then say, a gown without plastic beading or sequins...but I suppose any step in that direction, is a good one.

It's also amazing how couture designers are able to cut summer gowns to create such luxurious designs.bThe cotton fabric looks when it's dyed (See the last picture to the right), and how stunning the drapery is able to turn out. The first gown pictured is vintage-inspired and drapes beautifully. It's something between a 1920's design and a Grecian gown - just stunning.  The back on this dress is low cut with an elegant bow that starts just above the base of the back.

Another idea that I love with the summer gowns is color with accessories! Adding a tiny splash of color to a summer gown creates a bit of added elegance and freshness. The Kole gown with the green sash at the waist would be perfect for a garden wedding and goes well with a multitude of color combinations.

I'm not much of a summery kind of person, but I love these gowns and how fresh they look. They make me want to throw one on and run through a field with a bouquet of flowers.They look like they'd make any bride look fantastic even if they were barefoot while holding a glass of champagne - perhaps...especially if! 

Cheers to summer brides everywhere!


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    • EllenDean profile image

      EllenDean 7 years ago from Austin

      Hi There Mhodges, They ARE great dresses! Since I live in Thailand, I don't get TLC ;(...I wish! I'd love to see it, I'm sure I'd also be addicted to it - I never tire of seeing them. Thanks for stopping by!

    • mhodges23 profile image

      mhodges23 7 years ago

      These dresses are gorgeous, I am addicted to Say Yes to the Dress on TLC. I always love to see beautiful gowns!