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Summer Wedding Trends That Give Your Wedding a Sparkle

Updated on April 3, 2016

Your wedding is a special event. It is your special life moment. It is one of those moments that you are going to reflect on and relive for the rest of your life. The key is not to make arrangements that will leave the guests spellbound. It is about creating an ambiance where you can actually feel the love. This summer, make your wedding a memorable life event by trying out these summer wedding concepts.

Color themes

Keep it cool and sparkling with colors like yellow, pink, orange, or just about any shade on the citrus spectrum. Remember that the key to be original and fresh is not always about trying something completely unheard of, but trying to do things differently. You can give your wedding ceremony that contemporary flavor by using those fresh summer shades in unconventional ways.

Wedding Invitations

Floral designs are all the rage in summer weddings. They are especially showcased on wedding invitations. It's time to apply some creative injunctions of your own. Consider motifs based on wreaths and vines. It is sure to catch the eye and stand out from the bumbling summer wedding crowd. You would benefit from implementing neat, classic designs that speak elegance through beautiful monochromatic floral designs that are imprinted on the corners and edges of your invitations. You could also experiment with a watercolor style finish that gives your wedding a casual and rustic appeal.

Everybody uses maps on their invitation cards. Try out something new with animation inspired treasure map-style directions with unusual landmarks that are sure to draw out a smile from family and friends.

The Reception

Summer weddings are all about personalization and near-home ambience. You can give your outdoor installations such as benches, counters, or center piece fixtures a woody feel to set the tone. You can design camp games to be run when the cocktail hour is in session. With all this going on, you couldn’t possibly miss out on the excitement of a campfire in the evening to wrap things up in style.

Some summer wedding trends that have been increasingly noticed are huge over-size installations at receptions. The installations include large flowers suspended over the dance floor. Another trend is putting in overstuffed couches and ottoman poufs in the spacious longue areas.

Wedding Cake

The classic white cake is of course the preferred choice for weddings. However, this summer, give your wedding cake a twist with some extremely light pastel shades. You can choose from something like a very light mint or that delicious looking "peach-ish" white. To give your cake a seasonal look, give instructions to your baker to include flowers such as garden roses, peonies, or dahlias.

Floral Arrangements

Again, white rules when it comes to wedding floral arrangements. But then, summer weddings are about giving your ceremony that light breezy feel. Try out bright floral arrangements with yellow zinnia or orange pincushion protea. You can complement these bright designs with earthy looking vessels instead of the standard crystal vases.

Overall, the idea is to give your special day a special personal touch to make it stand out so that you can have those amazing wedding memories. So, experiment with summer colors and themes that you can connect with easily.


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