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Sunday, October 11 (7pm)

Updated on October 11, 2015
Something's missing.
Something's missing.

So it's Sunday again. I'm still spending the night solo with my cat, Truffles. Just finished cleaning, exercising & applying for financial aid. I hope to start online classes if I can get them covered. I want a job again, a car & money so I can do things on the weekends.

I'm not a very social person, but it would still be nice to have that one person willing to share a movie or drink with every now and again. Took a long walk today, but it was hotter than I had anticipated. The cool breeze suddenly stopped and the temperature rose within minutes. Saw parents playing with kids, and women playing volleyball & tennis (not that I care about those activities, specifically). I don't even like kids, but something about seeing them happy with their parents sparked feelings of.. I guess anger mixed with sadness and I'm not even sure why.

Why do so many people have dogs? I don't have anything against them, but I really don't understand the obsession. When I'm walking, I have to avoid certain streets due to neighborhood dogs being on alert. The barking will soon ensue if I don't take precautionary measures, and believe me.. when one pooch starts any nearby pooch(es) will follow. I've always had the fantasy of walking a cheetah along the park trails like it's no big deal and watching the public reaction. Even though I'm sure it's probably illegal to do so, even with the proper license.

There are a lot of guides to work-life balance, but what about life-life balance?


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