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Survival Guide For Not Having Friends

Updated on March 8, 2021

First things first, it is of the utmost importance for you to know that going through periods in life when you feel like you don't have very many people to hangout with is completely normal. Let me repeat: IT IS NORMAL TO GO THROUGH TIMES WITHOUT FRIENDS. Fact of the matter is life happens. People get busy, maybe you have been busy lately and now you’re not, but you've found that all your friends have developed lives in your absence. Nowadays you’re just looking around like “The hell? When did that happen?”

This is the time in your life when you just have to endure it alone. I think you will find that, if approached with the correct attitude, experiencing bouts of being alone can actually be quite uplifting.

1. Netflix is your new best friend.

I know it sounds super sad and pathetic at first, but it’s really amazing. Pick a great tv show, I recommend a comedy so you don’t get too sad. I promise you that not only will you feel like you can relate to the characters on a personal level, but you can also learn from their experiences. Have a few nights in binge watching with some ice cream and some self pampering. You’ll find that you actually like spending time with yourself. Might I simply suggest New Girl, Parks and Recreation, or 30 Rock to get you started. Of if you want to get involved in a serious fandom, watch Doctor Who.

2. Find a hobby.

I remember one summer between my junior and senior year I had to spend it away from all my friends at my mother’s house. I was so bored and depressed I was driving myself crazy from the loneliness. That was until I found my mom’s old guitar. I found some self teaching guides on the internet and before the end of the day I was playing the theme song from Ocarina Of Time! Not to mention when I went back home I impressed everyone with my newfound set of skills.

3. Spend time in Bookstores or Coffee Houses.

These places are great because they are meant to visit alone. That way you don’t have to feel awkward, you can be comfortable among people without any pressure. Don’t be afraid in these situations to strike up conversations with those around you. Maybe the young lady is looking at a book you’ve read and you can suggest that she should buy it.

4. Take a class.

Seek out something you would like to learn about and take a class on it. Recreation Center’s have after school or work classes for all sorts of activities. Even if it’s a class for something only a grandma would take, take it. You have no idea who you might meet, and it’s always great learning a new skill.

5. Discover Your passions.

Also during that summer I was away from home, the only other thing to do besides rock out on the acoustic guitar was to walk down to the blockbuster (it’s like redbox, only a whole store of ‘em). Anyways, it was in the blockbuster I discovered a huge passion of mine, independent films. There was an entire section dedicated to films that were so unique that a few of them changed my life. So much so that I decided to pursue my passion for writing as a full time gig. I’m not saying go and watch a bunch of movies, that would be in the Netflix suggestion. I’m just saying that this is the perfect opportunity for yourself to focus on nobody else but you, and really dig in deep to what you like, and what you want out of life. You were given this opportunity to start asking the big questions on who it is you really want to become in life. Get in to a weird genre of music, start reading poetry, learn to dance, study philosophy, just find something that makes you unique, and own it.

Use this time to open yourself to new opportunity. Find yourself, and set out on your own to seek those you can find things in common with. The worst thing you can do at a time without friends is sit in your own negative thoughts. Count this as a blessing in


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